March Madness: Staging your Alpha’s Upset

In the spirit of March Madness and our terribly picked brackets, this week I’m writing about how your Alpha can stage an upset on your respective campus. Your Alpha’s success is based on how well you operate within your niche market, and today, I challenge you to pull off something others could not see coming. Today, I want you to talk among yourselves and think about what your campus needs and how you will fill that role to improve the student experience. Today, I want you to log-on to and look through our Program for Excellence online manual.

Try a great event like Psi Delta's Puppies and Froyo to stand out while having fun!

Try a great event like Psi Delta’s Puppies and Froyo to stand out while having fun!

Many Alphas I’ve worked with are sometimes hesitant to try something new and jump out of their comfort zone worrying what others will think if the event doesn’t go well.  Enough of that gahhbage:  go out there and pull off the best event possible and shock the world. Just like Dayton, If you put your minds to something, you can achieve anything. Follow the best coaching strategy and study your competition. Figure out what they’re doing and how you can top it.

Remember you can’t beat someone by playing their game. There’s a reason it’s theirs, but you can beat them by figuring out what parts of your game can put you above your opponents. Think about what each member in your Alpha brings to the table. What are they good at? How can we leverage those talents when planning this event? Think about what connections each member and Alpha alumnus has in the surrounding area. How can we identify and utilize these connections to market the event? Think about your university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. What resources do they have to offer? And finally, think about the Central Office and what we have to offer. Can they put us in touch with the #1 or social chair from the Alpha that has already pulled the event off successful? Heck yes, we can!

I know its late March and spring is finally starting to creep in, but now is not the time to let your foot off the pedal. Finish the year strong, and complete your Cinderella story to the championship. Making memories. That is what Chi Psi is all about.


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