Chi Psi College Pick’em – Bowl Report

2009 - ESPN College GameDay

This year we’ve launched the first-ever Chi Psi College Pick’em blog series!

For our full bowl report, we’re featuring all 15 guests from this season!

Check out this year’s bowl games to watch and our picks below:


Syracuse vs. Minnesota

FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Gophers come in at 8-4 while Syracuse comes in barely bowl eligible with a record of 6-6. If the Gophers can find a way to contain Jay Bromley then this should be a relatively easy win for them. At one point this season the Gophers were averaging more than 30 points a game. I like the Gophers to win the Texas Bowl.
SamHead Sam Bessey: The Gophers get the Chi Psi Bowl season started in Texas. At long last! The Gophers have been fun to watch this year, which is good news for the people of Houston who have suffered through a dreadful season for the Texans. Minnesota lost a close one in the Texas Bowl last year to the in-state favorite. They get to nine wins this year against the Orange with a long clock-eating drive producing a touchdown in the fourth quarter.
 JonHead Jon: Both teams will be happy to escape their frigid campuses to head to Texas. Syracuse’s resume doesn’t impress me so I’m picking the more proven bowl coach and the Minnesota Gophers.
SeanAaron Sean AaronThese are two teams looking to finish the season on a high note. Syracuse has lost two out of three while Minnesota enters on a two-game losing streak. 

With their 8-4 record, Minnesota is a team of streaks, opening the season on a 4-game winning streak then losing 2 and replicating that feat over the last 6 games. Undefeated on a weak out of conference schedule, Minnesota went 4-4 in the Big Ten. They have a strong run game averaging nearly 152 yards per game on the ground. David Cobb receives the majority of the carries and has 1111 yards on the season with 7 touchdowns. Their two QB’s Mitch Leidner and Philip Nelson have 7 and 6 rushing tis respectively. Should they get down early. They rank 109th out of 125 FBS teams in passing yards per game.

Syracuse comes to Houston with a 6-6 record looking to finish with a winning record. They also finished with a conference record of 4-4 in the ACC this year. Syracuse has had two QB’s receive substantial playing time this season with Terrel Hunt seeing the majority of the snaps recently. He has 1450 passing yards with 10 td’s and 8 interceptions. He too like his counterpart from Minnesota can run the ball, as he has 426 yards to go along with 5 TD’s on the ground. In the backfield, Jerome Smith, a junior has carried the ball 184 times for 840 yards and 11 touchdowns. For Syracuse to be successful, look for him to get in a rhythm in this game and set up the play-action pass.

I like Minnesota in this one. I think they win by 10. Syracuse lost both of their match ups with Big Ten teams. I think Minnesota controls the line of scrimmage as well as possession time and breaks some big run plays to win the game and avenge last years loss in this very stadium.


BYU vs. Washington

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: BYU is playing in its 9th straight bowl game, while looking for their fifth straight bowl victory. The Huskies come into this game having just lost their head coach to the USC job, but the Huskies had a great season with only four losses (UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, and Arizona State; all four teams are playing in bowls). Even with the uncertainty of not having a head coach I still like the Huskies in this one.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: It was funny to see the cries of anger when Sark announced he was heading south for the winter (and spring and fall and winter 2014…). As with many things, Bill Bode was right in pointing out to his fellow Huskies that it was not that big a loss for Washington. Of course, Steve was quickly forgotten when Coach Peterson answered the call from Seattle. What a huge win for Washington. Another huge win will come against BYU in AT&T Park on December 27.
 JonHead Jon: Two teams that have struggled away from home this season, I’m taking the Huskies because I love their offensive skill players like ASJ, Bishop Sankey, and Keith Price.
 Jordan2 Jordan Fiasca: Washington has played 9 bowl eligible teams, and all 4 of its losses are to teams in the top 17 in the BCS rankings. They are battle tested, they are hungry, and they are…without their coach. BYU meanwhile, has shown absolutely no consistency this year, and I have no idea what to make of them. In the event that a game totally befuddles me, I have to go with what I know: Mormon’s are just too friendly to put up enough of a fight against these Huskies. I’ll take the “other” UW over BYU.


Rutgers vs. Notre Dame

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Rutgers is lucky to be in a bowl. They couldn’t even manage a .500 record in the AAC this season and lost 5 out of their last 6. I like the Irish in this one. Notre Dame wins.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: Another bowl game played in a baseball stadium? Indeed. And, the Bronx is a famous site for the Irish with the 1946 ‘Game of the Century’ 0-0 tie against #1 Army (ND was #2 that year) and the 1928 “Win one for the Gipper” speech by Coach Rockne both taking place in old Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame is not great this year, but they are good enough to beat Rutgers.
 JonHead Jon: I love Alpha Rho, but I’m not crazy about the 2013 Rutgers football team. They have managed just six wins in a subpar American Conference and one of those came against Norfolk State. Hey, I guess five wins against FSB teams gets you bowl eligible! Notre Dame wins.
 Nick-Duke Nick Superina: Notre Dame is 1-0 in games at the new Yankee Stadium, having defeated Army there back in 2010 in the first-ever football game played at the new stadium. Notre Dame is 16-6-3 all time at games in Yankee Stadium (new and old). Rutgers is 2-0 at the new Yankee Stadium and 3-7-1 all time in Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame also is 4-0 all time when playing Rutgers, outscoring Rutgers 197-17 in those games — and Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly was also 3-0 against Rutgers while coaching Cincinnati. Notre Dame wins, and its history of easy wins over Rutgers continues.  


Cincinnati vs. North Carolina

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: UNC has the home field advantage in this one playing in Charlotte, NC. UNC comes into this game battle tested with a much stronger schedule. Cincinnati only played 2 teams with a winning record all season. Between the home field advantage, the strength-in schedule and the talent disparity I think the tar holes are going to run away this one. Carolina wins.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: The Bearcats defeated an ACC team from North Carolina in the Belk Bowl last year. That team rebounded quite nicely this year, but Cincinnati finds itself right back in Charlotte in 2013. The Tar Heels get to seven wins and improve their all-time record to 3 – 0 against the team from Ohio.
 JonHead Jon: This will be Cincinnati’s second straight trip to Charlotte for the Belk bowl, while the resurgent Tar Heels are back in the postseason and playing close to home. I’m picking Brad Beskin’s alma mater to bring home the trophy.
 image Art Washburn: Despite my ACC pride, I believe Cincinnati will win the Belk Bowl.  Their defense has been ranked among the nation’s best for most of the season.  UNC did finish strong in the conference after a dismal start but I doubt they’ll be able to move the ball against the Bearcats.  They’ll need to find All-American Eric Ebron who has established himself as one of the Country’s top tight ends if they have hopes of keeping it close.  Cincy lost a close game in OT against Louisville.  I’d look for a final of 38-10, Bearcats. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

Kansas State vs. Michigan

FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Michigan had a rough end to the season dropping 5 out of their last 7 games. Kansas State while having a rough start to the season have won 5 out of their last 6. Other than the Ohio State game I have not been impressed by the Wolverines. KSU on the other hand played close against Oklahoma Sate, Baylor, and Oklahoma (4 out of their 5 losses). I like the Wildcats in this one.
SamHead Sam Bessey: I was at a Buffalo Wild Wings the last time I watched Michigan play. Coincidence? Of course not. My ‘mild’ wings were the hottest I’ve ever tasted, but the screens were plentiful and I had enjoyed the wedding of James and Katie Van Dyke the night before, so all was well until that two-point conversion failed. This will be close, but the cats can’t seem to win bowl games lately, and I can’t pick against the newlyweds. Michigan goes for two and wins in the desert.
 JonHead Jon: Kansas State always makes me nervous, especially since Bill Snyder (almost) never loses a halftime lead. If the Wolverines can avoid the Ohio State hangover–and keep Brady Hoke away from the boneless wings buffet, the Maize and Blue will win.
Spadola Ryan SpadolaKansas State is my pick. Michigan has lost their prior two and have been inconsistent with their play. In their last game their qb Gardner was alittle dinged up and it’s questionable of he will be 100% by game time. KSU has two quarterbacks which allow the playbook to really open up. I think Michigan’s defense will struggle defending the dual threat.

Music City

Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech

 FroeberHead Justin FroeberI spent a lot of time at Ole Miss. Rebels win.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: If you come to Nashville for this game you will have fun. It’s a great setting, and you are a half mile from Jeffrey Hall and well within walking distance of many great places to eat and drink. Let us know if you are coming! As for the game itself, I see two teams licking wounds after getting beat by their rivals to end the regular season, but I think the Rebels are hungrier than the Jackets. Ole Miss wins in Nashville.
 JonHead Jon: If there’s such a thing as “the best five loss team in America” Ole Miss is it. I love the direction that program is heading and I love Donte Moncrief. Rebels win!
 IMG_0181 Brad Beskin: It’s time for the Music City Bowl! Hooooraahhh! And for the win, I’m going with…Ok, let’s be honest. I don’t know anything about sports, the BCS, or the teams involved. I think they’re playing hockey, but that my not even be correct. What I know is food. And your host for the Music City Bowl, Nashville, TN, knows food. The recent restaurant boom has helped to establish it as a culinary epicenter of the southeast, so I’ll share with you some Central Office staff favorites you should visit while in town for the big game.

First things first: There’s a lot of bad advice out there for Nashville. So ignore your inflight magazine, disregard the person sitting next to you, and trust me. Why? Because this is my blog post and I said so…that is WHY.In this vein, there are a few places that are ALWAYS recommended and just aren’t worth the time or effort to get in. In the spirit of keeping it positive, I won’t list them…but you know where to find me if you want to know which establishments to avoid.


Grab a cup of coffee and a breakfast delight at our favorite coffee shop, Crema, where Rachel Lehman and her team of experts will craft for you some of the most delicious joe you’ve ever had. They roast their own beans in house and sling it into some pretty creative concoctions that will be sure to please. Our favorite? The Cuban Coffee with an extra shot.

Check out brunch at The Southern Steak and Oyster, where you can feast on some tasty interpretations of southern essentials. Order the chicken and waffles to share with someone in addition to your own entree, and try your Bloody Mary with tequila to spice things up.


Visit Mrs. Patti Myint at her authentic Thai fixture, International Market and Restaurant. Bypass the hot line, skip the Pad Thai, and order some dumplings, shrimp curry, Thai omlette, and spicy beef salad. Eat with your spoon (not chopsticks). “Thai food?” you ask. Indeed, and while not in the southern food theme of many suggestions here, you won’t leave disappointed. Tell her “Brad says ‘sa-wa-dee krap’.”

Head to Pinewood Social in the old Trolley Docks. Throw some stones down the vintage bowling lanes, sample some craft cocktails by master mixologist Matt Tocco, and enjoy some fun twists on southern cuisine by chef Josh Habiger. It’s the coolest new joint in town! The fried chicken is off the hook (which means it’s delicious).


Husk Nashville is adjacent to the Central Office and should not be missed. Even if you’ve dined at Husk Charleston, the Nashville concept is different and warrants a visit. Chef Sean Brock sources all local ingredients (including bourbon) and prepares them in accordance with local traditions. Sit in the bar, order EVERYTHING on the starter menu, and then split an entree if, by some strange power, you still have room for more. And the pig ear lettuce wraps…yes, the ears…are the best thing.

City House is one of those in-your-face dining experiences that leaves you smiling and somewhat mystified. “Did that just happen? When can it happen again?” Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as most will not likely recognize some of the more obscure ingredients on the menu. Trust chef Tandy Wilson’s tastes and order something that might not seem to click together on paper; It will certainly do so on your palate. Request a seat at the chef’s counter to the far left (away from the oven). The roasted octopus is one of the best bites you can find in Nashville.


When you’re ready to celebrate your big win…or perhaps drown your sorrows…it’s time to go to Patterson House. This obscure speakeasy on Division Street has been written up by every culture rag in the country as on of its top pre-Prohibition cocktail bars. They do not take reservations, and they do not allow standing around the bar. This means you may have to wait, but the wait is worthwhile. Browse the menu, but don’t try to order from it. Ask your bartender for help…she’ll ask what you like…and try to give them more than just “vodka” in response. Or trust us and order our favorite: the reel foot manhattan, an orange twist on the essential classic. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities hiding in the corner booths.

Rolf and Daughters is a rustic Italian public house in the old boiler of a factory turned condos. Their bar program, which has an interesting focus on amaros and bitter liqueurs, was created by Matt Tocco (now of Pinewood Social). The food is great, and the drinks are better.

Finally, use your free time between meals to check out one of Music City’s hidden talents. Nashville caught the craft beer bug several years ago, and the city now produces some remarkable brews. A visit to the Jackalope Taproom will show you just how talented our city’s brewmasters can be. If spirits are better suited to your fancy, schedule a tour of the Corsair distillery, which was recently recognized as one of the top craft distilleries in America.

If these don’t suit you, email me and we’ll figure something out. Just don’t waste a meal at a chain. Take advantage of the creative culinary culture that Nashville offers, and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and best of luck to the [checks brief from Sam Bessey] Yellow Jackets and Rebels in the upcoming match.


Texas vs. Oregon

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Mac Brown resigns. Way too much disparity in the talent level. Ducks should’ve been playing against FSU for the national title but shot themselves in the foot twice. Oregon wins.

 SamHead Sam Bessey: Oh, what could have been. But Marcus is coming back so hope springs eternal. Oregon should win big against Texas. The Ducks learned their lesson after the embarrassing loss to Arizona and should be humble heading into the Alamodome. Will Texas pull off the upset and send Mack Brown out a winner? No. They will lose to Oregon. Again.
 JonHead Jon: If Oregon wasn’t excited to go to the Rose Bowl, I can’t imagine how they feel about going to Texas to play Texas in Mack Brown’s final game as head coach.  That said, I think the Ducks will play with a chip on their shoulder, determined to make up for the late-season struggles and make a statement heading into 2014.  (Marcus Mariota is COMING BACK!)
 Donald Donald Beeson: I’ll put my biases out front. I think Mack Brown is the whiniest coach in college football; I don’t like that he cheated on the mother of his children and then left her for his mistress; and I support the State of Texas through the tuition I pay in Lubbock, not Austin.With that out of my system, the Alamo Bowl has been orchestrated in favor of Texas. The game is being played about an hour from their home in Austin, and Texas fans will come out of the tumbleweeds to give Mack Brown a proper send-off. With a strong ending to what many thought would be a lackluster season, the Texas players will be playing to give Mack a happy ending.While things may be looking good for UT, looks can be deceiving. Their team grossly underachieves given the talent on the field. Plus they don’t have the confidence fans usually expect from the Longhorns. Some Texans say the UT football program has become a disgrace to the State of Texas. With all that said, Oregon is just too good to be stopped in the Alamo Bowl. Remember, they were in national championship talks late in the season. Marcus Mariota is easily a first-round pick quarterback, and I don’t see Texas being able to stop him. The well-dressed Ducks are too good for this mediocre Big 12 team. I’m picking Oregon in a blowout.


Texas Tech vs. Arizona State

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Texas Tech had another very poor finish to the season. As usual the Red Raiders got off to a great start and then just blew it. However, Texas Tech comes to play in bowl games; having won six out of their last seven. I think ASU adds another one to the loss column for the Red Raiders. Sun Devils win.

 SamHead Sam Bessey: The Holiday Bowl is a very fun bowl game to attend. My advice to Xi Delta Brothers is to make that trip. The Sun Devils win this game. Texas Tech will find a way to win again, but it won’t happen in 2013 against a far superior Arizona State team. ASU big.
 JonHead Jon: There’s something to be said about motivation in the bowl season. Arizona State comes here as a consolation prize after losing the Pac12 championship and I think they’ll be less than sharp. I’m calling for Texas Tech to reshuffle their cards and pull off the upset.
 Jordan2 Jordan Fiasca: ASU has played one of the toughest schedules in the country, and has come out of it with a 9-3* record. 2 of those losses came to very highly ranked teams in Oregon and Stanford, and ASU also features wins over Washington and UCLA, as well as a win* over Wisconsin and I think this team is criminally underrated. Meanwhile, this Texas Tech team that has really struggled as of late, going 0-5 since I last predicted “Texas Tech in a nail-biter over Oklahoma.” Even if I thought Tech could pull it out, I feel that I owe it to my Brothers to predict the Sun Devils win big over the Red Raiders.*Not that I’m bitter or anything


Duke vs. Texas A&M

FroeberHead Justin Froeber: No way the Blue Devils can hang with Johnny football and the Aggies. A&M wins.
SamHead Sam Bessey: The 2013 Blue Devils are a great story. I wonder if teams like Duke and Vanderbilt will be able to keep their coaches after such success or if one of them will be headed to Austin or some other storied football town… Duke showed it can hang with a great team in the ACC championship game. For a while. The same scenario will be played out against the Aggies. Texas A&M wins by a couple touchdowns.
 JonHead Jon: I wish I could watch this game with Bill Bode instead of picking it with him. All the same, I think Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans have one foot out the door. A&M also hasn’t played any defense all year. Duke will win. Yes, DUKE beats and SEC team.
Bode copy Bill Bode: Coach K and Jabari Parker will easily handle A&M because Coach K is the best coach ever!  Oh wait, football.  The circus surrounding Johnny Manziel since he won the Heisman has been comical.  He’s buddies with Drake and he gets to sit court side at in Miami during the finals.  Good for him!  He allegedly took money for signing autographs.  His parents have money, he doesn’t need it.  But if he did it, who cares, it’s a silly NCAA rule that should be changed immediately.  He got kicked out of a Texas frat party.  Seriously, how is that a problem?  Would any self-respecting Auburn frat guy let AJ McCarron into one of their parties?  He’s the most famous “kid” in the country and he likes to drink and party and carouse.  So what?  He’s cocky and brash, I want my QB to be cocky and brash.  I wish him success in the NFL.  Texas A&M is going to win big as Johnny Manziel’s last FU to the college football establishment.


Georgia vs. Nebraska

 FroeberHead Justin FroeberWhichever running back has the better game leads his team to victory. UGA’s Gurley has been hot lately and Georgia has struggled when he hasn’t been on the field. Aaron Murray, Gurley, and the Dawgs go out with a big win in this one.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: Georgia wins big and Bo Pelini’s head finally explodes. Finally.
 JonHead Jon: True story: I went to Nebraska this year. The state. Really. And floated down a “river” in a cow tank while enjoying a few beverages. Why am I telling you this? Because I am pretty underwhelmed with the reality of this game. Sure…I’ll take Georgia.
 Chinuntdet John Chinuntdet: I have to go with the Bulldogs to win this game because, in my opinion, going 8-4 in the SEC is more impressive than the ‘Huskers going 8-4 in the Big 10.  I expect Georgia to win again in their rematch of the 2012 Capital One Bowl against Nebraska.  Go Alpha Delta!


Wisconsin vs. South Carolina

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Its always tough to pick against the Badgers but this probably one of the toughest games to pick of the bowl season. I think this will be a fun game to watch. Both teams finished the season strong. South Carolina could easily win this game, but as I said its touch to pick against the Badgers. I like Wisconsin.

 SamHead Sam Bessey: I incorrectly picked against both these teams this year. Iota or Beta is going to be upset by my selection again, but at least we can all agree that Bret Bielema and Arkansas are just terrible, right? They really looks at home ‘callin the hogs.’ Anyway, this will be a tight game right up to the end, but I think the Gamecocks win.
 JonHead Jon: Fill in the blank: The best team that Wisconsin beat this year was________. Yea, I can’t figure it out either. South Carolina has seen a lot of teams that look like Wisconsin and will be ready to slow them down. Gamecocks win. Party at Julian’s!
 Lathrop1 Lathrop Nelson: In the Capital One Bowl, South Carolina is going to show what is in its wallet, as it hits payday with a win over the Wisconsin Badgers. South Carolina comes off a big win against Clemson, while the Badgers limp in from a devastating loss to Penn State’s Nittany Lions. While I wouldn’t expect to see Jadeveon Clowney record another hit like he did in the Outback Bowl last year, he comes to bowl games to play and that’s why it’s going to be South Carolina on top.


Michigan State vs. Stanford

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Michigan State is coming off a huge win against Ohio State and Stanford had a great season but the Big 10 just doesn’t match up against the PAC 12’s best. Stanford’s pound it and wear them down style of play will be too much for the Spartans. Stanford wins.

 SamHead Sam BesseyStanford. Stanford. Stanford. The Cardinal shows just how down the legends and leaders are this year with a big win the Rose Bowl. In related news, Professor Rice will announce during halftime that Stanford has decided invite Chi Psi back to the Farm. Justin Froeber will graciously accept the invitation, and we will send a team to Palo Alto to re-start Gamma Delta. The same team will head to East Lansing to start an Alpha at Michigan State, too.
 JonHead Jon: Stanford will out Michigan State, who just played the game of their lives against Ohio State. Stanford knows how to do BCS games. Michigan State will be down by 14 before they know what hit them.
 DE Dennis Whitfield: Stanford. Michigan State left all on the field in beating Ohio State. Stanford is better on both sides of the ball and played better competition throughout the year.


Baylor vs. UCF

FroeberHead Justin Froeber: No Contest: Baylor wins.
SamHead Sam Bessey: This is another real fun bowl game to attend – though it was better in Tempe. Baylor Rolls. Fiesta Bowl scoring records will be broken.
 JonHead Jon: Who has UCF faced this year that will even remotely resemble what Baylor will throw at them? While I am usually VERY wary of double digit underdogs in BCS games, I’m going with Baylor.
Julian Julian Emerson: While Art Briles certainly had Baylor high flying for most of the year, The UCF defense will play better than expected with more time to get ready for the Bears. The UCF offense has been hot & cold at times, but I believe Blake Bortles will be ready to showcase his talents to the NFL scouts. In an upset, UCF beats the Big 12 Champs, Baylor Bears.


Alabama vs. Oklahoma

 FroeberHead Justin FroeberBama will be out to prove why they should’ve been playing for their third straight national title. No way the Sooners can hang with Bama. Bama wins.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: The Sugar Bowl selected Oklahoma. While they may get more seats filled in New Orleans, they will not get a close game. Alabama will control this contest from the start and win by three touch downs.
 JonHead Jon: Speaking of double digit underdogs in BCS games…Oklahoma is expected to lose by 15 according to Vegas. This is probably a really stupid pick, but I think Alabama shows up disinterested and the Sooners win outright.
 0036 Steve Rickmeier: Alabama. This is the team, against which all other college football teams are measured. I congratulate Auburn for a major upset in the Iron Bowl, but notwithstanding that lone Alabama loss, this team has consistently been the face of college football for years. I still believe them to be the best in class.


Clemson vs. Ohio State

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Both teams had a shot at playing for the national title this year but both came up short. This is going to be fun to watch. I like Ohio State in this one.

 SamHead Sam Bessey: I’m picking our sole active Alpha in the BCS. Clemson will win by a field goal and begin a new streak for Urban Myer.
 JonHead Jon: I always think it’s interesting to see how a team responds after a long win streak is snapped, as OSU will have to do. I know I’m supposed to be afraid of “Urban Meyer with extra time to prepare” but I’m not. The Clemson Tigers got boatraced out of the Orange Bowl two years ago and this time things will be different. Clemson wins. Chris Wojdyla, this one’s for you!
 HaltomHead James Haltom: Ohio State 34-24. Clemson is a solid football team, but played a weak ACC schedule and is playing against an Urban Myers team that will hungry to prove it is a national contender, plus Urban Myers has a proven track record in bowl games


Florida State vs. Auburn

 FroeberHead Justin Froeber: Jameis Winston has been one of the most impressive players in the nation this year. I love Auburns triple threat option out of the shotgun. This is going to be a high scoring thriller but I think that the ACC captures its first national title since 1999 and ends the SEC’s championship streak.

 SamHead Sam BesseyFlorida State’s dominance this year trumps the good fortune of the 2013 Tigers. The SEC’s reign will end with the BCS. It was a remarkable run that I will enjoy seeing end. Here’s to playoffs in 14-15!
 JonHead Jon: Every National Champion quarterback since 2002 has been at least 21 years old. Jameis Winston will turn 20 on the day of this game. I’m going with the streak and picking Auburn.
 VerneHead Verne Istock: Florida State will win this one. Auburn was lucky!

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