Chi Psi College Pick’em – Week 15

2009 - ESPN College GameDay

This year we’ve launched the first-ever Chi Psi College Pick’em blog series!

Each Tuesday afternoon, we’ll post on Facebook which three games we’re watching that weekend, and on Thursday we’ll announce here the picks from our three “experts” (Sam Bessey, Justin, and Jon Moore) and one surprise guest. In honor of Duke playing for the ACC Championship, this week’s surprise guest is Sigma Delta Brother  Nick Superina.

Check out this week’s games to watch and our picks below:

NCAA Football: Duke at Florida State

#20 Duke vs. #1 Florida State
Facebook fan favorite to win: Florida State

Justin: Florida State wins in a landslide.
SamHead Sam Bessey: Duke has been a great story this year, and David Cutcliffe was a no-brainer for coach of the year. The dream season will continue with a second straight bowl game, but it won’t be in the BCS. Duke will face a good Pac12 team in the Sun Bowl, and FSU will be the national champion. 
 JonHead Jon: Understanding that I’ll probably receive spiteful messages from Sigma Delta alumni Brian Gold and Dan Simpson when this doesn’t happen, I’m picking the Seminoles; Jameis Winston or not.
Nick-Duke Nick Superina: I honestly can’t remember the last time the Duke Football team lost a game. Duke Football is 10-2, has its first-ever 10-win season, is playing in back-to-back bowl games for the first time in school history, and has a chance to win its first outright ACC championship since 1962 thanks to a great win in Chapel Hill last week (Go To Hell Carolina, Go To Hell!). On Saturday vs. FSU, Duke will rush the ball as successfully as it has all season and it will also control the time of possession more than people might expect to help keep FSU’s offense off the field. Duke safety Devon Edwards will have at least two interceptions (and one of them will be a pick-6 at a critical moment of the game). Despite the fact that FSU is 18-0 all time vs. Duke, this is a very confident Blue Devils team that expects to win every game it plays in – and Saturday will be no exception. I’m curious to hear what Ron Burgundy’s prediction is too when he hosts SportsCenter this week. My pick: Back-to-back ACC Coach of the Year David Cutcliffe and the Duke Blue Devils will win and shock the world on Saturday night. Orange Bowl, here come Blue Devils!

1_OhioSt MichSt

#2 Ohio State vs. #10 Michigan State
Facebook fan favorite to win: Michigan State

Justin: Ohio State keeps their National Title hopes alive in a close one.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: Ohio State has been lucky for a long time, and it’s better to be lucky than good. The luck runs out this Saturday; Michigan State returns to Pasadena to face…
 JonHead Jon: Michigan State’s resume looks good on paper–Wow an 11-1 team! They must be good–but the reality is that they have one good-ish win on their schedule. Buckeyes win.
 Nick-Duke Nick Superina: I’ve been so addicted to watching Duke Football (and Duke Basketball) this year, so I will be much more concise with these other picks! Michigan State’s strong defense (its rushing defense, in particular) will stifle Ohio State’s offense and its BCS Championship hopes. Urban Meyer gets his first loss as coach of the Buckeyes. My pick: Spartans win (and they will also win their basketball matchup vs. UNC this week up in East Lansing).

1_Auburn Mizzou

#3 Auburn vs. #5 Mizzou
Facebook fan favorite: Auburn

  Justin: Auburn is playing for a chance at the BCS title game so I don’t think they’re going to lose.
 SamHead Sam BesseyMissouri wins this game and shows that it doesn’t take decades to rise to top of the big bad SEC.
 JonHead Jon: Gus Malzahn already won a National Championship at Auburn in 2010 (yes, Gus won that, not Gene) and will create quite the controversy when his 2013 Auburn defeats Mizzou this weekend.  1 loss SEC champ or undefeated Ohio State…who is more deserving?  Comment below.
 Nick-Duke Nick Superina: Auburn will continue to ride the momentum of its remarkable, last second win over Alabama last week. Auburn’s strong rush defense and rushing attack will allow it to control the clock too. This game will be the largest blowout of the weekend and with Ohio State’s loss to Michigan State will launch Auburn into the BCS Championship game. Given Duke will shock the world this weekend, Auburn will take on Alabama once again in a highly anticipated rematch – in the BCS Championship game. My pick: Auburn wins big.

Remound Wright, Osahon Irabor

#11 Arizona State vs. #7 Stanford
Facebook fan favorite: Stanford

Justin: Stanford wins. Arizona State is good, but not good enough to keep up with Stanford.
 SamHead Sam BesseyArizona State. They are at home, and that will be the difference (though I know all too well that Stanford can win on the road – but that was last year’s team).
 JonHead Jon: Arizona State has won eight straight games at home and can/will score plenty of points.  I think ASU jumps out to an early lead and forces Stanford out of their ground-and-pound comfort zone.  Sun Devils win!
 Nick-Duke Nick Superina: Even though Stanford won vs. Arizona State earlier this season, with the game being played in Tempe, AZ this weekend, I have to go with Arizona State and its home field/home crowd advantage on this one. My pick: Sun Devils win.

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