What I’m thankful for – Graham Davis

For the fourth annual Chi Psi Thanksgiving blog series, we asked the Central Office staff to tell us about what they are most thankful for this holiday season. Today you’ll hear from Alpha Services Coordinator Graham Davis.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

To start this post, I need to give you some background on where I was a year ago. Getting ready to graduate with my BA in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, I felt myself getting pigeon holed into the D.C. area. I wanted to get out of government/politics and start doing work with organizations that were in conflict, specifically youth organizations. My degree had prepared me well, but like so many of us graduating college these days, the jobs just weren’t out there. I had taken a part time job in supply chain management as I finished up school and it looked like that would turn into a full time gig as soon as I graduated, and I had more or less resigned myself to that. My dad, after being a partner in a large law firm in Houston for around 15-18 years had been given a year’s notice to find new employment, and up to Thanksgiving last year had gotten exactly zero offers. Apparently in a crap economy, corporate bankruptcy attorneys aren’t in that high of demand…go figure. My little sister was looking at colleges and her college counselors weren’t being the most helpful, giving her less than stellar academic performance. My brother was the only one who had his life together, working for an iPhone app development company in Dallas.

Needless to say, we were in serious crisis mode in the Davis family. To add onto this pain, my part time job wouldn’t allow me to travel home for Thanksgiving, given that I was a part-time employee and couldn’t exactly take days off. I spent Thanksgiving 2012 in my apartment, by myself, enjoying some Wild Turkey, thinking about just how far down things had gone in a year.

Proof that this time last year was not my happiest of times

Proof that this time last year was not my happiest of times

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2013; I’m writing this from my parent’s new house in Austin. My dad got a job as a Bankruptcy judge, I’m gainfully employed doing something that my degree prepared me for, my sister is happily attending University up in Canada, and my brother is working for a start-up doing what he loves. It is truly amazing how well this last year has gone for my family and me, and I’m incredibly thankful that we will all be carving a beautiful 16-pound turkey this Thanksgiving.

Nothing in life is certain, but as long as there is family, things will turn out all right. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Brothers, and have the happiest of holidays this year!




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