Chi Psi College Pick’em – Week 12

2009 - ESPN College GameDay

This year we’ve launched the first-ever Chi Psi College Pick’em blog series!

Each Tuesday afternoon, we’ll post on Facebook which three games we’re watching that weekend, and on Thursday we’ll announce here the picks from our three “experts” (Sam Bessey, Justin, and Jon Moore) and one surprise guest. This week’s surprise guest is Executive Council member Bill Bode, ΘΔ ’01.

Check out this week’s games to watch and our picks below:

UGA Auburn

#25 Georgia vs. #7 Auburn
Facebook fan favorite to win: Auburn

Justin: Auburn has been playing good consistent football as of late. Georgia has had a roller coaster of a season and Auburn has way too much to play for right now. I like the Auburn tigers to win and set up an SEC showdown against Bama.
SamHead Sam Bessey: will admit to being a spoiled football fan, but I must say it is difficult to contemplate college football after my experience on the Farm last Thursday. One good thing about the game was my halftime conversation with Nick & Chris Rasmussen and Ronald Van Buskirk – all Gamma Delta class of 1968. I hope to see this again at Stanford with new Gamma Delta undergraduates, but time will tell the tale there. Picks? Oh, right. I’m calling for Georgia to beat Auburn. I have distaste for Auburn dating back to 2010. While their fans are eons better than the ones from their sister school in the state, I still don’t like the Tigers, and I hope they lose.
JonHead Jon Moore: The Tigers are still in contention for the national championship, and I think they’ll handle business against UGA to set up a clash of the titans against Alabama. Auburn wins.
Bode copy Bill Bode: According to ESPN, Georgia has scored 76 unanswered points against Auburn dating back to 2011. Todd Gurley – even at 80% – is legit. Georgia may be decimated by injuries, but Auburn is not that good. Additionally, Georgia’s mascot “Uga IX” = awesome. Auburn’s mascot “Aubie” = not awesome. And finally, one version of the origin of “War Eagle” comes from the 1913 football game against Georgia that Auburn won. Georgia should be looking for revenge on the 100 year anniversary of that game and should apologize to college football fans everywhere for losing that game and allowing such a ridiculous “battle cry” to exist in the first place. “War Eagle” is silly and therefore Georgia will win.

Sports Day

#12 Oklahoma State vs. #24 Texas
Facebook fan favorite to win: Texas

Justin: The longhorns have had an up and down year and don’t have the caliber of team that we are used to seeing in Austin. The Cowboys run and gun offense will be too Mich for the UT defense. Oklahoma State wins.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: T. Boone Pickens will face off against Joe Jamail, Jr. on Saturday afternoon. I’m going with the deeper pockets in this one and pick Oklahoma St. to win. I was in Dallas once and asked a man if he knew the time. His reply was “I don’t know, but Oklahoma still sucks.”
 JonHead Jon Moore: Mike Gundy’s crew was my preseason pick to win the Big12 and with Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma still on the schedule, I think they have a lot to play for. I expect Oklahoma State to win in Austin in convincing fashion.
 Bode copy Bill BodeOklahoma State. Every time Texas plays I hope this happens.

Cal Colorado

Cal vs. Colorado
Facebook fan favorite: Colorado

  Justin: The battle of the bottom of the Pac 12. I like Cal in this one. Golden Bears win.
 SamHead Sam Bessey: This last game will decide the basement of the Pac12. I grew up a Cal fan. I continue to root for the Bears when they are not playing Oregon, and Berkeley is a special place. However, while Colorado has shown signs of improvement this year, California has wilted. It’s a damn good thing for Cal that Portland St. was on the schedule this year. Buffs win at home in what is sure to be a game with many unexplainable moments.
 JonHead Jon Moore: Two of the worst teams in college football, the Buffs and Bears have combined for one win against FBS opponents. I’m picking Colorado because Boulder is one of my favorite places on planet earth and I cannot wait to get back there in December for Psi Delta’s initiation.
 Bode copy Bill Bode: The Huskies – a middle of the road Pac-12 team  – destroyed both of these abysmal teams in Seattle.  Having watched both games closely, Cal was more competitive.  However, this game is in Boulder.  The tie-breaker goes to Colorado because they were involved in the best ending of a college football game of my lifetime and it makes me happy to share this with my Michigan friends.  

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