Sorority Courting

There seems to be an awful lot of bad press this fall regarding the views that Fraternity men have towards women. Whether this is due to an increase in exposure thanks to sites like Total Frat Move, a very slow fall in terms of news, or a combination of the above and even more factors, it is worrisome that this is the image that is in the media of us as Fraternity men.

I want to propose to you today some ideas for promoting yourselves as gentlemen in your University community and help improve sorority relations.

Psi DeltaDinner Exchange – When I was at Alpha Psi Delta earlier in the month, I heard about a very neat idea, a dinner exchange. In this event, the brothers go to a Sorority house for dinner while the pledge brothers remain at the Lodge to host the new members of that Sorority. This is a very simple way to improve your relations and show off the fact that your Alpha has manners at the dinner table.

HalloweenHalloween  Baskets – It’s the week of Halloween, so head to a local store and buy several bags of candy and some nice baskets to put it in, deliver these (ideally in costume) to the Sororities on your campus with a well written note wishing them a Happy Halloween. This idea can also be done for the winter holidays, thanksgiving, congratulating them on recruitment, wishing them good luck on finals, etc. etc.

Sorority IntramuralsIntramural Cheerleading Squad – Show the group of your choice how much they mean to you by going all out at intramural games. Make posters, bring pom-poms, and work on your back handspring then head to the gym to cheer them on. (If you pull something you can submit insurance claims to Donald Beeson)

IMG_0975Philanthropy/Service Mixers – When I say mixer, what is the first thing to come to mind? If it has anything to do with alcohol then forget everything you know.  Some of the best events that we hear about our Alphas teaming up with Sororities for are service and philanthropy projects. Think about what some of the needs of your local community are and invite a Sorority to join you as you take on the project. Even if you have a calendar packed full of philanthropy events, invite them to join you for one that you are already doing. Having one hundred extra sets of hands has never hurt a volunteer effort!

GFBSexual Assault Awareness Education – Most Universities have a sexual assault services office, if not that work is covered by student health in one way or another. Develop a relationship with this office and see what your Alpha can do to help them accomplish their goals towards awareness and education. Odds are you can have someone from that office come into an Alpha meeting to give a presentation to help educate the Alpha on Sexual Assault and how we can help eliminate that stereotype from Fraternity culture.


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