Fall Classic

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons for multiple reasons. The first has to do with the weather. Nothing beats a fresh breath of the crisp, cool air or taking a walk and absorbing all the changes of color in the leaves. Secondly, it’s a great time of year for all sports fans! Saturday and Sunday afternoons are dominated by great college or professional football, it’s the start of both basketball and hockey season, and of course there’s the great baseball post-season, the hunt for the World Series. Lastly, we can’t forget about Halloween. It’s one of the only holidays where adults get an excuse to act like children, dressing up in detailed costumes and escaping reality for a bit. So, I have compile a list of events that you must do to take full advantage of this great season.

1) Go apple/pumpkin picking-This is an instant Fall classic and should be done every year. This makes for a perfect grab-a-date for you and your Brothers as it is a group activity. Get out and enjoy the weather with close friends and dates and afterwards you can either make a delicious apple pie or carve a pumpkin to display outside of the Lodge.

Corn Maze

2) Attempt to get through a corn maze – I personally have only done this once in my life but it was a blast. I was surprised by how detailed and in-depth the maze was and by how much fun it was stumbling around trying to find our way out. This event is great to do with a Sorority and a lot of times there are also hay rides that goes along with it.


3) Take a camping trip-Some of my best memories during undergrad was when we went camping in the Fall for a Brotherhood weekend. There’s nothing quite like getting away from the noise of everyday life by going camping with your Brothers. Put down the cell phones, grab your fishing gear and hiking boots, and enjoy whats bound to be an eventful weekend with your Brothers!

Scary Movie

4) Go see the newest horror flick- I grew up watching scary movies with my family and have always loved the thrill of a great horror flick. Some of my favorites when I was a kid was Freddy Krueger, Amityville Horror, and Mchael Meyers. This year I am looking forward to seeing The Conjuring, and Insidious 2.
Xi Haunted Lodge- kids down steps5) Put together a Haunted Lodge- This is a great event that I believe all Alpha’s with Lodges should do! Reach out to the local community, and perhaps a youth group and turn your Lodge into a haunted house where participants can walk through. This is a great, creative way to hold an event that benefits the community as a whole while also having a great time. You can partner up with a Sorority on your campus to help design and decorate the rooms, as well as to create different activities to do while groups are waiting.

These are only a few of many great ideas and events that you can do to take advantage of this great season!


Don’t forget to have a little fun this fall!


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