Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Officer Transitions


Greetings from Champaign, IL, I’m currently sitting in the Zeta Delta Lodge reflecting on some of my favorite fall memories. Pledging at Omega Delta was in full swing at this time four years ago, and I was forced to learn the hard way that a North Face doesn’t cut it as a winter jacket despite my experience dealing with the bitter cold in Houston. During pledgeship is also when I learned about one of the most heavenly things in the world; the Pumpkin Spice Latte. If you could take the best elements of fall; pumpkin pie, warm drinks, and fireplaces, put them through a strainer, the end result wouldn’t even be close to how good these things are. The best part about it is that you can go to Starbucks, Dunkin, or your local gas station and they are still top notch. I could probably finish this blog just speaking in terrible metaphors about how wonderful they are, but I should really get to business…

Another great fall memory that I have is running for #1 of Omega Delta. Realizing that I could be very effective in that role for my Alpha, I started campaigning and eventually won the election, but there was a downside to that – We had no kind of transition materials beyond a copy of our local bylaws and I had no idea how in over my head I was. Fortunately I had the assistance of Alpha Visitors Jon Moore and Derek Taylor to walk me through it.

As you go into election season this fall, make sure that you are leaving your Alpha in the best shape possible by following these four steps:

  1. Create or add to your transition documents. This will require a fair amount of work for a lot of Alphas, but keep in mind that the more work you put in up front, the more successful you will be down the road.
  2. Identify your future leaders. Encourage them to run for positions that will be mutually beneficial for the Alpha and themselves.
  3. Encourage the brothers to talk about expectations from the next Exec Board. Knowing what their expectations are upfront will be a huge help to anyone considering running.
  4. Buy a large amount of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and share them with the Brotherhood, reflect on how great they are.

Best of luck to all of you as you are working through pledge education, and as I’m required to remind you, get your rosters and fall dues in!


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