Rolling into the School Year

As I am here at my first visit at Alpha Xi Delta I can’t help but reminisce about the week before and the week of classes starting on campus. Everyone’s getting back into town and getting up to speed with the summer’s events had at home or abroad, settling into the new Lodge, dorm, house or apartment that you will call home for the next year, enjoying the beautiful August weather, and getting ready for the upcoming year. In other words, it’s a great two weeks to get the ball rolling and start meeting potential new members! Here’s some quick, easy to do things to start effectively meeting the great men that your campus has.

1.) Dorm Storm

There is a lot of downtime the week before classes start for the new freshmen and they are constantly looking for something to do. So grab a bunch of brothers, a frisbee or football, and hit the dorms to start an impromptu game of touch football or ultimate frisbee. All you have to do is knock on doors and let people know that you are starting up a game in 15 mins at the nearest quad or IM’s field! It’s a fun, active way of getting to know the new men on campus and start driving that name’s list.


2.) Welcome Week

Everyone’s campus has a Welcome Week  for incoming freshmen with numerous events such as cookouts, concerts, or a movie night. So get registered with Student Orgs and attend the events! Not only will you have a great opportunity to meet some potential future brothers, but you will also be able to enjoy a band that you’ve always loved, a movie that you’ve been dying to see, or just to get a delicious free meal!


3.) Study Groups

Take advantage of the first week of classes in the classroom by switching your seat everyday and getting to know different members of the class. Everyone is looking to make new friends in classes, and forming a study group is one of the easiest ways to do this while helping you be successful in the classroom.


Simple, easy events like these done during the early weeks of the semester can pay dividends later on. It can create a snowball effect early on in the semester that can carry on for the entire year! As we all know, people don’t join organizations, people join people. And the only way to get to know them is to go out there and meet them!


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