What to do this August

Oh August, what a weird time of the year. The days are getting just a little bit shorter and a hint cooler. Some of my favorite memories are from August. Growing up in Houston we’d grab a couple friends and head down to the beach in Galveston to celebrate the end of summer and kick off the school year the right way. In my time as an undergrad it was a time to make sure that we were all geared up for recruitment and finalize our fall calendar. Whenever your school year starts, I’m sure you’re getting ready for it (unless you’re at Alpha Delta and your summer is long over) and I wanted to share with you some of the better events that I’ve read about in the new Program for Excellence Guide. These will be great opportunities to start developing a more personal relationship with the potential new members or pledge class members while reaching out to certain stakeholder groups.


5. Barbecue or Cookout. This is really simple to pull off and a great excuse to bring potential recruits to the Lodge. Appoint a Brother or two to handle the cooking so that everyone else will be free to travel around and talk. This event can be as big as you want it, just make sure you give yourselves enough time for the food to cook before so you can eat at a reasonable hour.


4. Driving Range. Take advantage of the warm weather while you can and take some brothers and potential new members out to the driving range. It’s not expensive and allows for plenty of casual conversation in a different environment than the Lodge.


3. Baseball Game. Since I’ve been living with Brother Zolot, baseball has become a very big part of my evenings, at least Red Sox baseball.  Going out to a game is a great way to wind down the summer and enjoy the late august weather.


2. Cigar Night. If you’re looking for a good way to get some new guys over to the Lodge a cigar night might be for you. This event lets you be as creative as you want setting the environment for the Brothers and/or potential new members, while also providing an opportunity for you to set yourselves apart on campus by doing this in a gentlemanly way.


1. Cooking Night. This is one of my favorite events for a smaller group of people. Invite over some sorority women or dates, and plan to spend a fun night learning how to cook new things. You can invite over some potential new members and let them join in the fun as well.

These are just the basic ideas behind these events and how you can take advantage of them as the school year begins. For more planning information and other event ideas make sure to check out the Online Guide to the Program for Excellence! Remember, recruitment is a year round endeavor, not just the week that your school gives you to throw events. Everything you do should have a recruitment aspect to it!

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