What Chi Psi Means to Me

Derek Taylor
Membership and Extension Coordinator

What Chi Psi means to me can be described in one word, Family.

I grew up in a small town with a large extended family. Both sets of grandparents and all but one of my aunts and uncles live within a mile of my house. We are a very close family both geographically and emotionally. I am fortunate to have been raised in an environment where your family truly was a cherished aspect of your life. In my life, I have been blessed with two very large families – very few people can say that. The second of those families, is the family that I have found in Chi Psi. Over the past 7 years Chi Psi has provided me with support, friendships, and love. Like most family structures there are always certain people who impact your life more than others. Within my Chi Psi family there are a few people that come to mind:

My Central Office family at a recent staff wedding - wedding #1 of 2 this year!!!

My Central Office family at a recent staff wedding – wedding #1 of 2 this year!!!

First, my boss, Sam. Sam is a character to say the least; a strange mix between father and the loveable family pet – I have no clue what kind of pet Sam might be, but I welcome your comments in the comment box below. In all seriousness Sam has been a boss, friend, and role model for me and one whom I will never forget. He has taught me a lot about working hard, playing hard, and what it means to be a good father.

Next is Brad, who teaches everyone a little more about anything than they ever wanted to know; especially when it comes to food, drinks, or clothes. I owe my post-college wardrobe update and newly found love of a well-made cocktail to Brad. He has been a big brother figure as I have entered the real world, guiding me through everything they don’t teach you in college. I am convinced there should be a class taught at every College or University titled, “The Things We Are Not Going to Tell You While You Are Here” by Dr. Beskin. I’d go back to school for that.

Donald, is like the Grandpa, and not because he’s old. Donald knows everything, and I mean everything! He’s always right. He is the wise grandpa sitting in the rocking chair whittling pieces of wood and spending lots of time in thought. In three years of working for the Central Office I have never known him to be wrong. And if you can think of a time or two when he has been wrong then please keep it to yourself, and don’t ruin it for me.

Justin. Well he’s kind of like a twin. We have been friends since I first became a Chi Psi. Much like a biological brother he pushes me to achieve greater and greater things. Much like a biological brother he sometimes annoys the pudding out of me, but our relationship goes beyond petty jealousies and misunderstandings.

Teri, is like a sister. We do our best to “annoy” her while we are in the office, and poke fun in a loving way. However, if anyone messes with Teri then him and I are going to have problems. On second thought, if anyone ever messes with Teri then he is going to have problems, because Teri is pretty tough.

And I have lots of cousins. Cousins like Joe Hughes, Julian Emerson, Andy Dewing, Lathrop Nelson, Bill Cooper, Doug Buglewicz, Dennis Whitfield, Paul Braswell, and many more who have helped my develop and grow into the person I am today.

The list could go on and on. What’s amazing to me is that for 172 years Chi Psi has been providing thousands of people with the same “family” that I have been provided. To me Chi Psi is a family. A family that I am thankful for, and excited to watch grow.


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