Six Ways to Stay Involved with Chi Psi after Graduation


We’ve all heard the saying “Once a Chi Psi Always a Chi Psi.” Chi Psi isn’t just a four-year commitment, it’s a life-long adventure. However, many recent graduates struggle to stay involved following graduation. It is not that they don’t want to stay involved, its just that they don’t know how. Here are a few ways to keep your Chi Psi experience going after graduation!

1)    Attend area alumni events, Annual Conventions, and Regional Conferences.

Networking is key in your post-graduate years and what better way to network than to attend Chi Psi events in your area? Check out for a list of upcoming events.

2)   Join a Chi Psi Alumni Club.

Moving to a new city? Wondering if there are any Chi Psis in the area? Many of the nation’s largest cities have active Chi Psi Alumni Clubs. Alumni Clubs regularly host lunches, cocktail hours, and other events and can provide an instant network for you. So find the nearest club and get involved! If there is not an active club in your area you can work with the Central Office to get one started.

3)   Volunteer on an Alpha’s corporation or Advisory Board

Every Alpha needs alumni mentorship and every alumni board will always need new volunteers. Whether it is with your own Alpha or an Alpha near you find a way to get involved and provide some mentorship for undergraduates.

4)   Schedule an annual trip or outing with your classmates.

When everyone is moving around the country for their respective careers it is easy to lose touch. Don’t let those relationships dwindle but instead commit to strengthening your fraternal relationships after graduation. Pick a weekend every year to get together with your classmates for a round of golf, a ski trip, a beach outing, etc.

5)   Take The 5-Year Challenge

Develop a habit of giving early. Like many other recent graduates across the nation for just $17/year (5 cents/day) you can give back to the fraternity and ensure that Chi Psi continues to better the experience of undergraduates! Alphas with the highest percentage of participation will be featured in upcoming issues of The Purple and Gold so encourage all of your Alpha’s seniors to take the challenge! Click here for the current Alpha rankings. Only alumni who have graduated within the past five years are eligible to participate so this is an exciting opportunity to give back in a way very few can. Upon completion of the challenge participants will receive a special lapel pin recognizing their dedication to the Trust.

6)   Volunteer to facilitate educational programs for your Alpha or other Alphas.

The Central Office is always looking for additional volunteers to facilitate programs like career development workshops, the E.R.A., the A.M.R., and P.S.D. Contact the Central Office if you interested in learning more about becoming one our trained facilitators.


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