tumblr_m9i3sm3SHo1qctnaeo3_1280I have really gotten into lifehacks recently. For those of you who don’t know, lifehacks are pieces of advice that make your life easier. They are small notions that people have discovered make their life easier. For instance: Always check for toilet paper before you sit down to do your business. Below are some of the lifehacks that I have discovered through traveling or what has been told to me along the way.

Wear a jacket while going through airport security. While you are waiting to get your ID checked, put all of the belongings that are normally in your pockets into the jacket pockets. Take the jacket off and place the whole thing in a bin. This cuts down on time spent at the X-ray machine and makes the line go by quicker.

If you are having an interview or meeting at a restaurant that you have never been to, drive by the location and view the menu beforehand. This ensures that you know how much time to budget to get to the meeting on time. Knowing what you want to order shows confidence and highlights your decision making skills. Note, this may sound a little far fetched but subtle cues like that can be the deciding factor on whether or not you are hired. (Shout out to Derek Taylor for that one)

Keep a pen and small piece of paper on your person. This makes jotting down notes and tasks very easy. I carry a tiny moleskin notebook in my back pocket at all times. Being able to physically write down your tasks makes it more likely that you will remember to do them. There is also something very satisfying about crossing off something on your to do list.

While driving, be conscious of mile markers and which direction you are traveling.  Mile markers are small vertical signs that are placed periodically (by distance) on most highways and interstates. Each exit number on an interstate is dictated by what mile it corresponds with. Knowing relatively what mile you are on and what direction you are heading could save your or someone’s life. It is beneficial to know where along the interstate an accident occurs so that emergency services can get there quicker.

If you shave before a big event like a wedding, use NeosporinIt will clear your skin up better than any other product and will minimize cuts/blemishes.

Ask your dry cleaner to fold your shirts before you travel. This makes packing so much easier and normally does not cost you any extra.

Use your emergency break as often as possible. If you do not the steel cabling has the propensity to rust and ultimately quick working. You NEED your emergency break to work.

I hope that some of these may help y’all with some of the problems in your life. What are some of your favorite lifehacks? Are there any that you have learned that help you be a better recruiter, position holder, or overall Brother?


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