Chi Psi Reaches Out

This is Willard Thomas Walker III.


He bravely smiles through the sadness

Some of you may have heard me mention Willard before. Willard is the reason I am a Chi Psi.

Willard and I went to High School together, and he is the person that brought me to the Lodge at Alpha Iota. Willard is a fourth generation Chi Psi (all four at Iota!), and his Great-Grandfather received Distinguished Service Award #91 in 1980. Willard is a good Chi Psi, from a long line of good Chi Psis. However, Willard has a problem.

You see, Willard lives in Shanghai, and while this is good for his career, it stops him from doing one of the things he loves the most. Willard cannot donate to the Chi Psi Educational Trust, because is blocked in China.


The Chinese Government apparently does not see the value added by programs like the ERA and AMR.

Willard loves the Educational Trust. He would love to contribute to events like out National Convention, Regional Conferences, and the Mid-Year Leadership Retreat. He laments that he is unable to contribute a small portion of his income to educational opportunities for undergraduates across the nation. Willard wishes he could help.

But you can.

You see, for less than five cents per day, you can help sponsor Willard’s contribution to the Educational Trust. For 5 cents per day, in total 17 dollars per year, you can help to ensure that Chi Psi remains strong, and Willard can one day contribute a fifth generation of Walker to a strong Alpha at one of our dozens of schools across the nation. Five cents per day; that’s less than the cost of a postage stamp.

Willard assures me that one day, when he again moves to a country where he is free to donate to 501c3 organizations, he will make up for lost years. But in the mean time, Willard lives in the emotional poverty of not being able to contribute to an organization he loves. He needs someone to help him give. Won’t you be that person?

Folks, in all seriousness, sign up for the 5-Year Challenge if you are eligible (undergraduate or alumnus graduated withing last 5 years), and if you aren’t, donate to the Annual Fund Challenge. These donations help ensure that our Alphas receive the Services and educational programs they need to continue to thrive. Dig deep folks, every donation helps.

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