The Drive

driving fastAs some of you may know. I travel a lot. I haven’t seen my apartment in Nashville since February 1st. I am not complaining. On the contrary, I love traveling. I love being able to see all the college experiences at Chi Psi schools. It is fun flying, and I just rode my first train to Hoboken which was quite the experience. However, my favorite way to travel is driving.

I love driving, always have. To me it is a cathartic experience. I used to go on drives when I had a big decision to make or if I was upset about something. That notion has continued throughout my life.

Driving from my apartment in Nashville to the Sigma lodge is a total of 432 miles and 4 turns. Yes only 4 turns. Out of the parking lot, onto I-40, off I-40, and onto Cameron Ave. It is a wonderful drive lasting around 8 hours.

The best part of the drive is that there is little thinking to be done. I set the cruise control and let I-40 take me through 2 states. I use this time to think about personal matters, catch up with friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while, strategize my visits, listen to music, and do nothing but drive.

It is nice to use that time to unwind. I rarely am in a place that is truly mine, mostly living off of the generosity of Brothers in a corner of their rooms. If I am lucky I’ll be able to have a room in a lodge, but even then, living a nomadic lifestyle can be tiring. However, in my car, I am free to act and decorate how I please. One of the small things I like to do is throw bags of trash in the passenger’s seat, sounds stupid I know, but it lets me chill. I can also pack more in my car so I have options in my wardrobe. Being able to create my own space is relaxing even if it is small and mobile.

I have a quirky thing that I do on drives alone. No matter the weather, I put my windows down for the entirety of the trip. I think it stems from having a convertible as my first car. I blast music, anything from country to rap and just be myself. I have gotten a few weird looks if I’m really jamming out.

Jordan and I have conversations from time to time about how awesome this job is, especially on drives. On our first trip to UGA we rode from Nashville, through Atlanta to Athens. Neither of us would have probably ever done that drive if we didn’t have this job. I have driven from Washington DC to Williamsburg, a drive that, once you leave the Northern Virginia area, is very pleasant. Traffic is just terrible leaving DC. These are just some of the drives that would have never happened without this job.

It is humbling to drive through the small towns of Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. It gives me a better perspective on life and reminds me why I am so lucky to have this job. There are people in every state that will never be able to see as much of this country as I have while working for Chi Psi.

I honestly do not know how to end this blog, I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy traveling and how lucky I am that I have an occupation that lets me experience what America has to offer this way.

I would like to encourage Brothers to travel to other Alphas, visit friends, or just road trip. It is an amazing experience that will be with you for the rest of your life. I am making memories that one day may become stories I tell my kids. Most importantly I am creating stories that I can treasure and reflect on at a later date, maybe during my next drive.

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