What Comes After Regionals?

The Midwest Rowe Regional Leadership Conference went off without a hitch last weekend in Oxford, Ohio.

Lesson one: Support your Brothers

Lesson one: Support your Brothers

Brothers from Alphas Nu, Epsilon, Zeta Delta, and host Rho Delta spent the weekend engaging in a series of events designed to demonstrate how the Program for Excellence can leverage Alphas to provide a more meaningful experience to Chi Psis across the region, and the country. These events were fun and educational, and Brothers left with a better understanding of what they could be doing to improve Chi Psi on their campus. Saturday began with a low ropes course, hosted by facilitators from the University of Miami. Brothers were split into groups of about 10, and engaged in a series of tasks designed to teach Brothers lessons on how best to work as a team to achieve goals.

In the afternoon, attendees learned how to cut-a-rug, with the help of some local women, and a dance lesson from an instructor on campus. Personally, I spent most of the time star-struck after learning that the instructor used to do stunt work for the red and black Power Rangers (objectively the two best Power Rangers). Most Brothers confessed that they were not particularly excited about the event going in to it; however the reaction from participants (of both genders) was fantastic, and several Alphas expressed interest in bringing a similar event back to their campuses.

Looking good, gents.

Looking good, gents.

The evening wrapped up with a social event hosted at a bar in downtown Oxford. The event was themed as a jersey party to promote Rho Delta’s philanthropy “Basketbrawl” tournament taking place the next day. This event provided a fun and social atmosphere, while promoting a worthwhile cause.

So in short, everyone in attendance met a ton of cool people, had fun and learned a lot of cool things they can use to improve the Chi Psi experience being offered on their campus. But what comes after Regionals?

Well, I can tell you that in Wisconsin High School Sports, the answer is most assuredly Sectionals. However, in Chi Psi, I hope that the answer is change.

Regional conferences are a great opportunity for The Chi Psi Educational Trust to support our undergraduate men with further information on how to run an Alpha, provide a national or “multi-Alpha” experience to Brothers who can’t make it to Convention, and promote regional ties to allow our Alphas to better use each other as a resource to improve themselves. However without a concerted effort to follow up on the lessons learned, these conferences lose their effectiveness and run the risk of simply becoming just another weekend. I know for some of you, your Regional Conference was last weekend, and for the rest of you it will be this weekend. I challenge all of you to make sure that the lessons you learn will not go to waste. Take what you learn from your experiences at the conferences, and leverage that knowledge to improve Chi Psi on your campus. The Program for Excellence encompasses a lot of things, but at the end of the day what it really boils down to is a new and creative way of thinking about how we provide that experience, by promoting events that appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders and Brothers. Use what you learn to make that a reality. Who knows, you just might make it to Sectionals.

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