Want to work for the Central Office?

It is a great opportunity. Below is my personal statement of why I wanted to join the Central Office when I applied for the position last year. I hope it can help some of you think about your Chi Psi journey after college.


Personal Statement

There are several reasons as to why I want to work for the Central Office, but, simply put, I want to give back to an institution that has given so much to me. It is impossible to describe in 1,000 words the effect Chi Psi has had on me during my time at UNC. Throughout my Chi Psi experience, I have grown more than I ever could have imagined. I want to help other students experience the magnificent opportunity I was given.

Being an Alpha Visitor means being a leader. I was once told that leadership is the art and science of taking people to a place that they would have not gone by themselves. Intellectual, moral, and social experiences embody the leadership education I received through Chi Psi. In order to become a successful leader I must internalize the values, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and regulations so that my behavior is not controlled by external factors. As an Alpha Visitor, I intend to advance my leadership abilities, resourcefulness and initiative. The fact that this program can make my daily life far more satisfying while also providing an unparalleled educational experience by immersing me in a Chi Psi education is an opportunity that cannot be matched.

I tend to view every experience as educational. Because of my intensely personal experience as a philanthropy chair I have become an accomplished leader. Being a philanthropy chair has been the most rewarding position I have ever held. My unique experiences have aptly prepared me to be a leader, but my education is never-ending.  I refuse to settle for anything less than excellence.

I can see my experiences being beneficial to the Central Office. As an Entrepreneurship minor, I have met with many entrepreneurs who all seemed to have one thing in common: they were constantly searching for new ideas, new processes, and new opportunities to succeed. Because of this background, no matter my circumstance, I will also always be searching for new solutions to problems.

I can bring my leadership abilities, steadfast resourcefulness, audacity, initiative, and clear vision to the table if employed as an Alpha Visitor, with the intention of tuning them to the needs of each Chi Psi Alpha. More specifically, I have worked in numerous companies that have prepared me to be a successful Alpha Visitor. This past summer I worked three jobs and finished my capstone course for my minor. I was told that, if employed, I would never truly be off the clock, and this kind of time pressure is an atmosphere in which I thrive.

As an employee of Advanced Cutting Technologies (ADCUT), I managed employees while overseeing over a hundred different projects throughout the summer. Because of my resourcefulness and time management skills, I never missed a deadline for a project.

I have a creative approach to finding solutions to problems. It seems imperative for an Alpha Visitor to be able to cater to the unique needs of each alpha. This requires a person who thinks outside the box. At ADCUT, I was posed with the project of wiring over a hundred yards of electric cable for a new water-jet machine. As the wiring had to be threaded through the top paneling of the warehouse, it was a difficult task to do by hand. I realized that I could fashion an ordinary shop vacuum in such a way that it would suck the wiring through all the paneling, an effort that required much less time. This is merely one example of the ingenuity that was required of me during my time at ADCUT. My resourcefulness and unorthodox style will allow me to formulate new solutions to the unique problems each Alpha faces.

One particular experience that influenced my desire to become an Alpha Visitor is my overall relationship with the members of Pi Delta. My best friend became a member of Pi Delta shortly after I pledged, after seeing the relationships I had with the members of Sigma. Since his pledging I have helped Pi Delta acquire two other members and continue to interact with them on almost a weekly basis. Being able to share my pledging and fraternity experience with members of another Alpha has given me insight into the small differences between each Alpha. My connection with Pi Delta has also fostered a love and respect for Chi Psi nationally. It was amazing to see that, although our fraternal experiences occur in different cities, there is still a universal bond shared.

Last year, I decided to attend Carolina Cup, a horse race held in South Carolina, and determined that it would be a great opportunity to get all of the North Carolina Alphas together for a day. I contacted the Number 1s from Upsilon Delta, Pi Delta, and Sigma Delta. Pi Delta rode down with us to the grounds where we met Upsilon Delta for a fun-filled day. That experience showed me two things: the willingness of Alphas to interact with each other, and my ambition to make these interactions possible. I feel that inter-Alpha exchanges occur only at Regional or National Conferences when Alphas should be interacting and helping each other habitually. There are resources at each Alpha that are unique and underutilized, and, as an Alpha Visitor, I would use these resources to find unconventional solutions to every Alpha’s issues.

I want to work for the Central Office because I want to continue my Chi Psi education, and there is no better way to do this than full immersion into other Alphas’ experiences. The position of Alpha Visitor reminds me of an apprenticeship, because it teaches the student tacit knowledge that can only be passed down through experience. True Chi Psi excellence cannot be taught in a classroom; it must be experienced. I believe that my acceptance to Alpha Sigma was only a stepping stone to the knowledge that will lead me to excellence in life, and I believe that becoming an Alpha Visitor is the next step in my journey.

Alpha Visitor Applications are due on March 1 and can be found at www.chipsi.org/EmploymentApp. Don’t miss this great opportunity to travel for Chi Psi and give back to this great organization in an incredible way. Plus you get paid to do it all!

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