Brotherly Grub – Oxford, MS

Oxford, MS hometown of the Ole Miss Rebels. Oxford is a town that has no shortage of great food most of which has a southern flare. However, to find a real slice of deep-fried down-home southern hospitality you will need to hop in your truck and drive south about 10 minutes. In the small town of Taylor, MS (pop. 300) you will find Taylor Grocery.

Brotherly Grub - Gamma

Taylor Grocery is a small local restaurant providing the hospitality one only finds in small town, USA. Taylor Grocery first opened its doors in 1889, only back then it was a dry goods store. In 1930 the building changed hands and it became a general store. Out of that general store one could buy whatever was needed to live and farm in Taylor, you could even get your hair cut in the back. In 1977 the store’s tenants decided it would be a good idea to sell fried catfish to make a few extra bucks. That good idea put Taylor Grocery on the catfish map. Yea I just said that, and no, there is no physical map. Ever since then the crowds have been pouring in; from the people of ESPN and CBS sports, to your loyal Ole Miss alumni, everyone loves Taylor Grocery.

Brotherly Grub - Gamma 2

There is plenty to choose from on this menu from gumbo smoother pork chops to an 8 oz filet. However, you should ignore everything that isn’t spelled like “Fried Catfish”. You must also understand that there isn’t a soul on earth that possesses enough will power to eat just two filets; that said, you might want to go ahead and order the full plate. The sides are at your discretion, they are all amazing. I do suggest the fried okra, but fried okra is my favorite veggie. Only if it’s fried though, plain okra is just gross. Oh and don’t forget the bucket of sweet tea, it’s a one size fits all kind of glass.

Brotherly Grub - Gamma 3

So come on down to Oxford, MS. Visit Justin and I as we work to recolonize Alpha Gamma. You can meet the men we are recruiting, have some catfish, and experience one of Chi Psi’s coolest college towns.

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