A Product Worth Buying

Chi Psi is a business. Each Alpha is a franchise and the National Organization is the corporate office. At a business (Alpha) level we provide our members with a product; our product is the experience we offer. Step back and ask yourself, am I getting the most bang for my buck?? Is the product that I am receiving from my Alpha worth what I pay in dues?? Should I be receiving more from my Alpha?

Well if you think your Alpha could or should provide more to its members then you’re not alone. It is, however, a problem. But we are Chi Psi’s! We do not sit idly on our hands when there is an obvious problem to be solved. It’s time to take control of YOUR fraternity experience. It’s time for you to step up and add value to YOUR fraternity experience. Start now. Leave a legacy that will enrich the lives of those to come. How? You can begin right here with a list of events that you can set up for your Alpha; events that will add real value to your fraternity experience.

Build value by really teaching Brothers how to be a “family of gentlemen in pursuit of excellence.”

Financial Management Program: Bring in a financial adviser in your area to teach you how to set up a 401k, invest in stocks and save for the unknown. This event will appeal to your Juniors and Seniors helping keep them engaged and involved in the Alpha.

What we think we look like every year at Convention.

What we think we look like every year at Convention.

Dress for Success Program: Ask someone from your local men’s store to come in and run a 30-minute program on men’s style. They can cover things such as how to tie a neck tie, how to tie a bow tie, what is the appropriate attire for a job interview, should your socks match your shoes or your pants, should your belt match your shoes or your pants. Get him or her to teach you how to shine your dress shoes. Many times they will be happy to oblige and give you 20-30% off if you purchase something from them that day. Maybe he will even show you how to adorn that tuxedo as only James Bond can.

Survival Program: Ask a survival training expert to come in and teach the Alpha the top 10 things everyone needs to know to survive in the wilderness. Learn everything from how to start a fire with a match or lighter to how to read a compass; do this program on a Thursday, then go camping with the Alpha that weekend. I would start your search for a survival program facilitator at your schools ROTC program.

Dance Lessons: You can do several of these events each with a different sorority. Learn swing dance, the salsa, square dance, the shag, or whatever else you wish.

Dinner Etiquette: Find someone in your area who teaches cotillion classes, and ask them to come in for an hour or two to work with the Alpha on proper dinner etiquette. Do this once a week, and invite a different sorority each time.

10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Cars: Ask a mechanic or a father who knows a lot about cars to come in and teach the Alpha how to change the oil, check the tire pressure, change a tire, etc.

Mixology Lesson: Find a nice cocktail bar, and ask the bartender if he would be willing to teach a few lessons on the side. Let him know you are in a fraternity and want him to run a mixology class for you and your Brothers. He will most likely be happy to oblige for a small fee. Have him teach your brothers who are over 21 how to make your 10 most common cocktails. Disclaimer: Be sure to review your risk management policies first, and call the Central Office to assist you in running a risk management compliant event.Man Cooking

CPR and First Aid Class: Learn how to save your Brothers’ lives! Hopefully this is a skill you will never need, but you never know.

Cooking Lessons: Pair up with a sorority or make it a date function. The ladies love a man who can cook.

Fly Fishing Lessons: This makes for a great father and son event.

Try these events at your Alpha, and your Brothers will write their next dues checks with a smile.



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