Bowl Season and Brotherhood

The holiday season is a special time….time for friends, time for family, time to get a part-time job to earn back the money you spent on excessive take-out orders and beverages, time to play countless hours of Halo 4 without the worry of finishing assignments, and time to watch college football. Say what you will about the current state of the BCS System, at least we can all agree the holiday bowl season is probably the most exciting time in sports outside of March Madness.

This year, there are 14 bowl games that include active and dormant Chi Psi universities. Two bowls, in particular, will feature head-to-head matchup between active Chi Psi Alphas. The following bowl games will feature Chi Psi universities:

Dec. 22nd, MAACO Las Vegas Bowl, 3:30 pm EST – Washington (7-5) v. Boise State (10-2)

Dec. 27th, Belk Bowl, 6:30 pm EST – Cincinnati (9-3) v. Duke (6-6)

Dec. 27th, Holiday Bowl, 9:45 pm EST – Baylor (7-5) v. UCLA (9-4)

Dec. 28nd, Russell Athletic Bowl, 5:30 pm EST – Rutgers (9-3) v. Virginia Tech (6-6)

Dec. 28nd, Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, 9:00 pm EST – Minnesota (6-6) v. Texas Tech (7-5)

Dec. 31st, Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, 12:00 pm EST – NC State (7-5) v. Vanderbilt (8-4)

Dec. 31st, Hyundai Sun Bowl, 2:00 pm EST – USC (7-5) v. Georgia Tech (6-7)

Dec. 31st, Chick-fil-A Bowl, 7:30 pm EST – LSU (10-2) v. Clemson (10-2)

Jan. 1st, Gator Bowl, 12:00 pm EST – Mississippi St. (8-4) v. Northwestern (9-3)

Jan. 1st, Capital One Bowl, 1:00 pm EST – Georgia (11-2) v. Nebraska (10-3)

Jan 1st, Outback Bowl, 1:00 pm EST South Carolina (10-2) v. Michigan (8-4)

Jan. 1st, Rose Bowl, 5:00 pm EST – Wisconsin (8-5) v. Stanford (11-2)

Jan. 3rd, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, 8:30 pm EST – Oregon (11-1) v. Kansas State (11-1)

Jan 5th – BBVA Compass Bowl, 1:00 pm EST – Pittsburgh (6-6) v. Ole Miss (6-6)

bcs_logoAs current undergraduates and as graduates of our respective universities, we pride ourselves on the success of our athletic programs. That success gives us not only bragging rights, but also enables our universities to receive media attention.  Take advantage of this time to create Brotherhood opportunities, and further enhance your Chi Psi experience. Plan a trip to support your team, communicate with your Brothers to get together and watch the game, or reach out to other Brothers of another Alpha to join in on their plans to support their team.

It warmed my heart the other day when I signed onto Facebook and saw Br. Julian Emerson, B ’80, and Br. Brian Heil, E ’80,  going at it in the comment section of Julian’s status regarding the hyped Outback Bowl matchup. The bicker and banter that I witnessed back and forth was not only hilarious, but it reminded me that we are able to promote Brotherhood not only within our own Alpha, but across Alphas as well. We must all realize that Chi Psi extends past the walls of our local Lodge, and we must take advantage of the relationships we develop through our involvement in Chi Psi to create memorable experiences.

I wish you all the best of luck in finals, and hope you enjoy the college football bowl season as much as I will. I am looking forward to spending New Year’s in Nashville with Pi Delta’s visiting to support their team take on Vandy. I encourage you all to check out Jon Moore’s blog, The College Football Experiment (, for complete coverage and preview of this season’s bowl games.  It’s pretty good, not going to lie.

Thanks for reading!

Justin Zolot


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