Favorite Holiday Traditions – Donald Beeson

For this year’s Thanksgiving blog series, we decided to ask the Central Office staff to tell us about their favorite holiday traditions. Each day this week, you’ll hear from someone on staff and find out what each of us like the most about the holiday season, and hopefully you’ll let us know your favorite traditions as well.

Next up is Associate Executive Director Donald Beeson.


Peace.  Joy.  Happiness.  Good will.

Those are all typically associated with the Christmas season, but I believe they are much more appropriate to describe Thanksgiving.

Reflecting on my childhood, and on the Thanksgiving traditions established with my own family, what I appreciate most is the absence of ritual.  Sure, there’s always been a big meal with the traditional foods, but we’ve experienced the Thanksgiving dinner in so many different places I don’t think I could name them all.  Our activities have varied from year-to-year based on family responsibilities, kid’s activities, or the desire to simply stay home and do nothing.

I love that Thanksgiving is a holiday in which there are no religious barriers, expectations for gifts, or political agendas.  It’s solely about being with people you love and hopefully taking some time to reflect on all that has enriched our lives.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings peace, creates joy, makes us happy, and encourages good will toward our neighbors.  Thanksgiving is the respite before the December holidays, and a time to truly embrace our better selves.

My CO family at our own holiday dinner last December



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