Double Down on Chi Psi

Has anyone else had a weird month?

October is like the puberty of months. Not quite summer, not quite winter, and incredibly awkward.

October is home to Halloween (objectively, the strangest holiday). People dress up in outlandish garments, in an effort to win approval of (most often) total strangers. Throughout our Alphas, Chi Psis spend hours trying to think of a great costume, only to settle on a horrible pun (such as Mitt Zombie, or Frank Einstein)

This is not funny. Just weird.

In October, sports stop making sense. Baseball reduces itself from 162 games, to a measly 4 (congratulations to Sam Bessey’s San Francisco Giants). The NFL confuses everyone with its inconsistency, while the NBA pretends that it’s currently relevant (wait your turn!). And of course, the BCS ruins everyone’s day by, you know, existing (Condolences to Eta Delta).

This month, he candidates for President debated 3 times. I need not elaborate.

October weather can’t seem to make up its mind. While I was visiting Alpha Pi Delta on October 8th, it was 47 degrees (28 below the average high!).  On October 25, my visit to Alpha Epsilon coincided with a high temperature of 77 degrees.  Does that make sense to you?

I pity the fool (aka Jordan) with these travel arrangements!

To be frank, however, October didn’t treat me well. On the 2nd, I lost a beloved pair of sunglasses. On the 9th, I chipped a tooth. On the 10th I missed a flight for the first time in my life. I had to drive through Indiana four times. I twisted an ankle, skinned a knee and fought battles I never thought I would have to fight. The Packers lost to the Colts, and the Badgers lost to Michigan State, but I as a person worried that I was losing my sanity. October almost broke the last straw of my morale.


I say almost, because October did me a favor it never anticipated. October surrounded me with Brothers.

This October, I visited four Alphas. I spent time with Chi Psis in six states. Every time I got sad, or angry, or disappointed, Chi Psi had an answer. I found myself surrounded by men who were committed to improving not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them. I found myself in the company of men who, without even knowing or trying, lifted my spirits and reminded my why I first decided to join Chi Psi. I discovered new reasons to love this organization and the people that make it what it is. I doubled down on my faith in Chi Psi.

But right now, across the east coast, millions of people are having a far worse October than I am.

Post-Tropical Storm Sandy (nee Hurricane Sandy) has slammed the East Coast, and put homes, businesses, and most importantly, lives, in danger. A dozen Alphas, and thousands of brothers, have been impacted in ways large and small, by what many have called “The Perfect Storm.” Today, they are sad, they are angry, and they are disappointed. What I am asking of the rest of you all is to lift their spirits, the same way you lifted mine. Reach out to your Brothers in Alphas affected by the storm. Support them as they persist and recover. The hurricane may make them rebuild, but we won’t make them do it alone. Chi Psi is the pillar you can lean on when times get bad. It is the friendship and brotherhood that pushes you forward when you fall back. It is the voice in your head telling you to keep your chin up, keep your nose to the grindstone, and tackle the challenges ahead of you. Brothers, I ask you all to exemplify Chi Psi to those Brothers in need. There is little doubt that many of our men will be impacted by this storm. With any luck, we all will be. Do yourself a favor and extend a hand.

As a man of my word, I am (unfortunately) bound to end this post as I will all posts this semester: Go 49ers

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