A Big Taste of Texas by Cody Saben

The Extension Team in their Texas Tech gear

My name is Cody John Saben, a junior at the University of Washington in Seattle and a member of Theta Delta. I have spent the last three weeks deep in the desert of Texas in the city of Lubbock, what could quite possibly be an entirely different country in comparison to the Pacific Northwest. From politics, to heat, to Chick-Fil-A, to outward kindness, it’s been a near study abroad experience for a kid that’s never been south of Oregon before. I was out of my element.

The minute I got off the plane, a man name Celio left me with two lessons: first, that Texas is the best state in the country in all aspects of discussion; second, don’t argue with the first point. Their ego is big, the steak is bigger, and the trucks are… even bigger. It’s a unique place and one that I don’t believe draws too many similarities with any part of the US.

But these aren’t my opinions, just what I’ve been told. What I myself have learned is that Lubbock is a land of unequivocal kindness and hospitality. The people here have been nothing short of outgoing and open (the only exception being my “typical Seattle hippy liberal” nature), letting me into their homes and their lives without hesitation.

The lovely women of Kappa Delta at Texas Tech holding “I heart Chi Psi” buttons

The men we’ve been recruiting have been the best example of this. They have immediately connected under our banner of gentlemen in the pursuit of excellence, and have taught me a thing or two about refusing to settle. Coming from an Alpha that has a tradition of incredible success, seeing the roots of its form is meaningful, especially because I have never had the opportunity to truly build a foundation. The men of Xi Delta have a lot of work ahead of themselves, but I couldn’t feel more pride in saying that I know they are prepared and focused. With impressive new guys being added every day (and accepted into the fold almost immediately), they will absolutely set the standard for what is expected of a fraternity gentlemen at Texas Tech.

Leaving this upcoming Friday will be much more difficult than I could have ever imagined, but I look forward to bringing the life lessons that Texas has to offer up to the Puget Sound and the rest of my Alpha.


One response to “A Big Taste of Texas by Cody Saben

  1. Brother Saben, as an alum of Xi Delta ’08, truely appreciate the work you 3 gentlemen have done for our alpha! I for one cannot wait to get back to Lubbock and meet these guys. Great Work!

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