Recruitment Season

August, what a great month! The last of the lingering heat waves, the sun’s last stand. The last month to sit by a body of water, to wear a bathing suit, to run around barefoot (actually, I may stretch those last three into September). Academically speaking summer is over, and even though  the fall semester has begun someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, and she isn’t giving up on summer until September 21st. But as far as you and I are concerned summer is over and has been replaced by the sounds of professors stating, “Today we are just going to go over the syllabus”.

Now that September has simultaneously taken over our calendars, and August is 11 months away again, your Alpha is – I’m sure – well underway with its recruitment process. Furthermore, with the month of August in the rear view mirror your Alpha already has at least 15 accepted bids, right??? Well just in case you haven’t here’s a little refresher course on how to take control of your recruitment program and make this recruitment season last much longer than August did.

Step 1. Drive Your Names List

Any good recruitment process begins by first finding people to recruit. How do we do that? Easy, by using our Names Drivers. Your Alpha can utilize the following Names Drivers to help put people on your names list.

  • Sorority Referrals
  • Alumni Referrals
  • Brother Referrals
  • Transfer Student List (You can get from Greek Life Department)
  • IFC Rush List (You can get from the Greek Life Department)
  • Tabling
  • Professor Referrals
  • People attending your College or University from  your High School (If they are girls then ask them for names of guys from their high school)
  • Meet people in your Classes
  • Meet people in the Gym

Step 2 Cultivate Relationships with Those on Your Names List

While you are driving your names list, don’t forget to build relationships with those already on your names list. Recruitment is simple; it is a structured process of making friends.I’m talking about making friends the good ole’ fashioned way. Like people use to do back in the day. Face to face with a firm hand shake and a genuine conversation. The way it was before Facebook came along way back in 2004. Make friends with everyone on your names list. Worst case scenario you make a new friend, best case scenario he becomes your brother.  So go ahead, HAVE FUN!! I DARE YOU! Invite the men on your names list to eat lunch with you; play basketball with you; invite them to hang out with your friends (Brothers). See how many new friends you can make, and I guarantee you will call a few of them your Brothers one day.

Step 3: Close Them

The process of closing someone is three-fold. First you must ask them what is keeping them from joining Chi Psi. Then you must address their reservation(s). Here’s a great FREE resource by Phired Up. Finally, you ask, “If I were to give you a bid right now would you accept it?” If the answer is, “Yes”, then give him a bid.

This entire process from Step 1 to Step 3 should typically take no more than two weeks; enough time to pique their interest then strike while the iron is hot. Keep in mind that recruitment is simply the structured process of making friends. Now let’s get out there and make this September blow August out of the water – maybe that will justify all of us spending more time pool-side in September??


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