Making the most of Convention


Living with the other new members on staff has been an interesting journey. All of us coming from different parts of the United States has lead to many cool conversations. Before a few weeks ago I did not even know people from Wisconsin existed! I just thought they were TV make-believe.

We have fallen into our roles at our apartment. Justin Zolot (former #4) pays the bills, I jokingly call him dad. Jordan Fiasca (former #1) routinely cooks me breakfast, a loving and caring mother. I on the other hand like to watch TV and not clean up after myself, which of course makes me the child in this metaphor.

Living with these two has been eventful to say the least. We all mess with each other about where we are from, Zolot is from Boston if you didn’t know…Well actually he is from 30 minutes outside of Boston. We mess with each other about other small trivial things. But we also try to hold each other to a higher standard. I am currently teaching Jordan how to turn off the light after he leaves the room, sadly a task I think he will never accomplish.

All joking aside, the two men that I live with push me to be a better man. From small changes like waking up early and getting work done, to knowing that these guys have my back in every situation, it is great to have Brothers around you at all hours of the day.

I would have never met these great guys if it wasn’t for working for the Central Office, and that saddens me. When else would I have met them? Convention? I went to Convention last year, and I did not meet them. And that was all my fault. I never took the time to meet anyone outside my state or my Alpha. I regret not learning more about the awesome guys in other Alphas.

I realize that there is a disconnect between Alphas. Alphas tend to group themselves by state/region and rarely interact with each other. I am going to call out the delegates of this year’s Convention. Please connect with Alphas from different parts of the country, share your stories, what you do well, what needs work. Help each other out. Building strong national relationships will benefit your Alpha in ways that you couldn’t imagine.

If that sentiment is too cliche for you, then just meet the other delegates and hang out with them. Learn about a different part of the country. Southerners teach the Northerners how to say y’all properly, Northerners explain to the Southerners why 1in of snow on the ground does not warrant cancellation of classes.

Brothers have fun this week at Convention, come meet Momma Bear, Poppa Bear, and Baby Bear. We all look forward to having the best Convention yet.


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