Brotherly Grub – Nashville, TN

Chi Psi Central Office

Nashville.  Home of country music, neon lights, and of course the Chi Psi Central Office. Working and living in Nashville is an absolute pleasure; there is so much to do. Nashville truly has a culture all its own. 1 part tourist attraction, 2 part music, 1 part college town and 1 part economic center of business for Tennessee. Mix all that together and even the skilled bartenders at the Patterson House would tell you that you have just mixed up one heck of a town. But with Nashville attracting all of these people the town might face one problem… feeding them. However, Nashville is not slacking off in the department of culinary creativity and tradition. New restaurants are opened every day and time tested establishments live on, unchanged.

Throughout this summer I am going to be sharing the best food in Nashville with you, and if your mouth waters too much then just hop in the car and give me a call, we’d love to have you visit us right here in Nashville. A tour of the Chi Psi Central Office, a walk down Broadway, and a family dinner with the Central Office staff at Monell’s; and that’s just the first day.

We are going to dive into the Nashville food scene at one of the oldest Dive’s in Nashville. Rotier’s has been feeding Vanderbilt students, local families, and starving artists since 1945. Founded by Evelyn Rotier and her late husband John this tiny little dive is nothing short of a landmark, a hidden gem right here in Music City.

Far from all the bustle of downtown where tourist, struggling musicians, and business folk all congregate; Rotier’s is located out in West End attached to a Rite Aid Pharmacy. There is just something about restaurants that thrive using other businesses’ side walls as their front doors. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship really. Rotier’s shoves a fat, greasy, cheesy, but delicious burger down your gullet and Rite-aid is there with your favorite brand of antacid. But don’t underestimate this unassuming diner. Places like Rotiers only stay open this long for one reason… they are delicious! Even delicious may be an understatement for Rotier’s. We are talking about a place whose burgers are said to be among the best in America according to the author of Hamburger America, George Motz. Even the Council of The Metropolitan Government of Davidson County has a standing resolution about Rotier’s. RESOLUTION NO. RS2011-73

So what should you get?

Cheeseburger on french bread.  The french fries were exactly how I hoped they would be, crispy and golden. Not a single fry was soggy or mushy during my meal, they were perfect. The onion rings are suppose to be worth to writing home about as well. Wash it all down with a milk shake served in a metal cup and you just ate at the best diner in Nashville. Now it’s off to rite-aid for some Tums.

Join us next time for Arnold’s Meat and Three!


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