Pre-screened Friends

I spent the weekend with a few people who I like to call pre-screened friends. Pre-screened friends are people who you have an instant connection with as soon as you meet them. You don’t have to take the time to feel ’em out and go through the run of the mill conversation while trying to figure out if you really like them. Instead you connect with them on a different level. As soon as you meet them you can talk about the things that really matter, or you can instantly cut up and have a few good laughs.

Having pre-screened friends is a pretty amazing concept, and if it weren’t for Chi Psi I would have no idea that someone could even have pre-screened friends.

I spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC with Jason Rericha, Rho Delta ‘ 06, and AJ Spring, Upsilon Delta ’09. Jason, AJ, and myself are originally from different states and attended different universities. We have different backgrounds, professions, and varying hobbies and interests. However, thanks to Chi Psi we are really good friends.

Jason, AJ, and I all met a couple of years ago at convention. In the few years we have known each other we have only hung out a handful of times. But when we get together we have a lot of fun. We cut up. We laugh. We talk about anything and everything, and most importantly we treat each other like Brothers.

Chi Psi, because of it’s size, leadership, and commitment to values, offers something special. It offers us the opportunity to have elevated and refined friendships with men whom the routine of life brings into familiar contact. Chi Psi gives us the rare opportunity to have pre-screened friends because our organization connects us with men from across the nation that share the same values.

Thanks to the shared national experience that Chi Psi offers, my relationship with AJ and Jason are just a few of the great friendships I have developed with Brothers from other Alphas. Each year at convention I look forward to seeing my Brothers and pre-screened friends, and while I am excited to see old friends, I look forward to leaving convention with new friends.

If it has been a while since you have connected with old Chi Psi friends or if you are looking for a few new friends I encourage to get involved and stay involved with Chi Psi by keeping an eye out for opportunities to connect with Chi Psis in your area or by utilizing the Chi Psi Career Center. And, by the way, there is a great opportunity this summer if you are looking to make a couple hundred new friends: the 171 Annual Convention at Alpha Zeta Delta in Champagne, IL. It’s going to be a great one!


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