A Toast to the Founders

Sam Bessey, HΔ ’97
#23, Executive Director

The toast to Philip Spencer has been a traditional part of Chi Psi gatherings for many decades since it was composed by Albert Bard, Chi 1888.  While Spencer’s legacy is central to our history, the nine other founders ensured the survival and success of Chi Psi.  Written by Cliff Massa III, EΔ ’71, this toast was first offered at the Founders Club Dinner of The Chi Psi Educational Trust on August 11, 1994.  Lest we forget, I offer it again to close this year’s Founder’s Day Blog series.

They were ten young men who sought the comradeship of other gentlemen and became their lifelong friends.

They were ten young men who believed that the cultivation of an elevated and refined friendship is sufficient reason to come together in a selective and private society.

They were ten young men who understood that the education of a whole man requires more than the academic community alone can provide.

They were ten young men who extended their silver cord to bind together kindred spirits far beyond their own Union College.

They were our Founders — Philip Spencer, Robert Heyward McFadden, Jacob Henry Farrell, John Brush, Jr., Samuel Titus Taber, James Lafayette Witherspoon, William Force Terhune, Alexander Peter Berthoud, James Chatham Duane and Patrick Upshaw Major.

And then they were but nine young men — nine older, wiser and closer young friends who survived the killing of their brother and endured to nurture their beloved Fraternity.

I offer a toast to honor the memory of these ten young men –

the Founders of Chi Psi.

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