Chi Psi’s Spirit of Sacrifice

Justin Froeber, ΠΔ ’10
Alpha Visitor

If there was something that I wish Chi Psi’s founding fathers could witness today it would be the spirit of sacrifice and mutual concern that continues to persevere in Chi Psi today.

From the Cornell fire on 6 December 1906 to the heroic acts of Mark Bingham,  ΔΔ ’93, on United Airlines flight 93 on 11 September 2011 there continues to be something special about the acts of selflessness that Chi Psi sponsors. Today I would like to share with you another simple act of devotion and self-sacrifice that I experienced as an undergrad that I know our founders would be proud of.

During the 2006-2007 academic year I was able to experience first hand the sense of Brotherhood and the spirit of self-sacrifice that many Chi Psis before me have experienced. One morning, in the fall of 2006, Chase Templeton, ΠΔ ’09, received a call from his father, who informed Chase that his mother had passed away after long fought battle with breast cancer. Chase hastily packed his things and made the five-hour drive to his hometown in Lynchburg, VA. It was the middle of the semester and midterms were just around the corner. However, after hearing the news, two cars full of Chi Psis hit the road, leaving class, work, and other obligations behind to make the five-hour drive to support the Templeton family and their friend and Brother. The group of Brothers spent several days with the family helping out anyway they could before returning to Raleigh, NC to resume classes and work.

The following spring the Brothers came together and decided to host the First Annual Pink Tie Breast Cancer Benefit Ball to raise money for breast cancer research in honor of Chase and his mother. In an article that was written in April 2006, following the Pink Tie Ball, Brother Adam Johnson, ΠΔ ’09, said:

“We are truly a Brotherhood. If one of us goes through some hard times we all go through the same hard time together. We support each other through the thick and the thin. That is why we started this event [The Chi Psi Pink Tie Ball] to show our support for our Brothers.”

Now each spring, Pi Delta undergraduates, their families, alumni, and members of the NC State community gather together to raise money for and promote breast cancer awareness. Each year the story of the Templeton family and the support offered by Chi Psi is shared with guests.

It’s moments like this that I wish the founders could be around to see. From simple acts such as supporting one another during a hard time to heroic acts such as the Cornell Fire or Flight 93, I am amazed by the selflessness that exists in the members of Chi Psi.


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