Back from the Future – Founders Day 2020

Jon Moore, PΔ ’09
Alpha Services Coordinator

Back from the future– Founder’s Day 2020

Hello, world.  Jon Moore here.  Well, not the Jon Moore you know, but an older, wiser, and even better-looking one.  You might be asking yourself, “how is that even possible?”  Well, dear reader, that is for another blog.

Today I write you just past my 33rd birthday.  That’s right, the year is 2020 and I am back from the future to share with you the good news about Chi Psi.  How is this possible, you ask?  Well, let’s just say that time machines do exist in 2020.  It only took NASA 35 years to reproduce Dr. Emmett Brown‘s technology.  Luckily I’ve made it big in the world and can afford to utilize the technology.  Before we get to Chi Psi, here are a few other things you might be interested to hear:

  • The Chicago Cubs won the 2017 world series.
  • Gasoline powered cars have become endangered species as gas has risen to $8/gallon.
  • After appearing on a reality show, Derek Taylor becomes an international celebrity, draws comparisons to Matthew McConaughey, and makes the ‘southern gentleman’ fashionable again.

But anyways, that’s all besides the point.  We’re here today to discuss a Chi Psi moment that our founders would be proud to see.  Having just surveyed the Chi Psi landscape in 2020, I’m proud to report the following:

Chi Psi is the largest it has ever been!  Thanks to the progressive leadership of the Chi Psi Executive Council, circa 2012, the Fraternity has grown to 40 active Alphas.  This represents the most active Alphas we’ve ever had at one time, and is notably larger than the 34 active Alphas we had in the late 1980s.

Not only do we have a historically high number of Alphas, but we’ve also grown from an average Alpha size of ~50 in 2012, to an average of 65 in 2020.  That means that at the close of the 2019-2020 school year, we have more than 2,500 undergraduate Chi Psis!

We’ve increased our presence at elite institutions, re-establishing Alphas at places like Yale, Virginia, Columbia, and Northwestern.

We’ve increased our presence on the west coast, re-establishing our ties with Stanford, UCLA, and UC-Irvine.

Our initiatives at Texas Tech, Washington & Lee, and Georgia have driven Chi Psis to be leaders at those campuses.

We’ve even welcomed brand-new Alphas from institutions like Vanderbilt, the University of Indiana, and the University of Texas.

And while this growth looks great on paper, it is even more promising when you meet the young men of these Alphas.  Their academic performance ranks in the top 20% on every campus.  They are campus leaders and hold positions like student body president and IFC president.  They are influential, connected people on their campuses.  Above all else, Chi Psi undergraduates, with alumni support, have challenged and broken down many of the boundaries of what the fraternal stereotype is.

Because of the great experience our men are having, The Chi Psi Educational Trust has been endowed with more than $10 million.  With these resources they are able to offer life-altering educational opportunities for outstanding undergraduate and alumni leaders.

Brothers, I can assure you that the future of Chi Psi is bright.  As our Purple and Gold banner waves proudly across the nation, Chi Psi Alphas are producing the finest young leaders in America.  The chariot that was set in motion in Schenectady, NY in 1841 is larger than ever and is moving faster than ever.  Now is the time to get on board.  The future is now.  And the future is bright!

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