Honoring the Memory of our Founders through Scholarships and Fellowships

Brad Beskin, Σ ’05
Assistant Executive Director

Founders Day inevitably leads me back to the Fraternity’s Preamble.  The Chi Psi Story is always within arm’s reach (I cannot make Alpha founding dates stick in my brain).  While the preamble is, of course, memorized, it is fun for me on May 20 to read through it and think about how what we’re doing today applies to their original intentions.

Additionally, Founders Day always corresponds with The Chi Psi Educational Trust’s scholarship and fellowship application process.  I’ve managed this process for a few years now, and think it’s one of the best programs offered by our foundation.

2010 Scholarship and Fellowship recipients with Trust Chairman Julian Emerson, B ’80, at the 169th Convention in Seattle, WA

Over the last two years, The Chi Psi Educational Trust has invested over $100,000 in the education of 68 Chi Psi scholars.  The merits and accomplishments of these men are detailed in the Trust’s Biennial Report, and they are quite impressive.   Also detailed is the list of generous donors who have made these investments possible.  This roll of supporters is equally impressive…alumni of all ages who make personal investments in the education of current and future Chi Psis.  I share the Trustees’ appreciation for both the hard work on the part of our scholars and the contributions of our many loyal donors.

Me (far right) with (left to right) Trust Chairman Julian Emerson, B ’80, Executive Council Vice Chairman Andy Dewing, OΔ `84, and former Executive Council Chairman Todd Falls, TΔ `89

The financial awards provided to Chi Psi students is a direct advancement of our Brothers’ intellectual life.  Perhaps the Founders never conceived of receiving financial support for their academic pursuits when they penned out this Chi Psi thing some 171 years ago, but I think they’d be proud of academic support that the Chi Psi family is able to provide today.  Each year, we’re able to bestow larger sums and make more compelling dent in the cost of our Brothers’ education.  With the support of our generous donors, we’ll continue this trend…one that honors the memory of our Founders.

Scholarship and Fellowship applications are due tomorrow, and I encourage you to apply!


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