7 Ways to Take Your Summer Recruitment to the Next Level

Summer recruitment can be the difference between a twenty to twenty-five man pledge class and five to ten man pledge class. Why? Because summer recruitment gives you a leg up on the competition. During the summer just a little work can go a long way. Freshman often join the first fraternity they come in contact with so here are seven ways to get recruitment rolling this summer:

1)   Get All of Your Brothers On The Same Page BEFORE THEY LEAVE – Host a meeting to discuss summer recruitment. Outline plans and expectations and set goals. Give them a list of important summer recruitment dates. Make sure everyone understands what their summer responsibilities are.

2)   Expand your Alpha’s Name’s list – Conduct a mind jogger session where Brothers add names to your names list. Are their upperclassmen that you can target this summer? Who lives in or around your hometown? Are there any students coming to your school from your high school next year? 

3)   Contact Pipeline High Schools – Every university has several “pipeline high schools and cities”. These are schools and cities that year after year send a large number of students to your university. Work out a deal with your university admissions office and the counselors go give presentations about your university’s student life at these pipeline high schools. After the presentation allow students to sign up for campus tours with you on the last day of their summer orientation. When they come to orientation give a quick tour of campus and take them out for coffee. Have a conversation with them, and answer any questions they might have.

4)   Tap into university scholarship programs – What are the major scholarship programs on your campus? Tap into them. Most major scholarships have a list of finalists. Host a summer cookout for the scholarship finalists, or host a welcome BBQ when they arrive on campus for classes. 

5)   Get involved with orientation – What activities during orientation can you take advantage of? Can you eat at the dining hall with the freshman during their orientation meals? Are there informational fairs that you can be a part of? Can your Brothers apply to be orientation or welcome week leaders? The goal is to make members of Chi Psi highly visible during freshman orientations.

6)   Start a scholarship for incoming freshman – Set up a scholarship for incoming freshman males. Develop an online application system, and get a list of all the incoming freshman men. Send each incoming male an application. Set a deadline. Once the deadline has passed, interview each applicant. At the end of the interview, ask if they have any questions about student life, Greek life, or Chi Psi? If they ask about Chi Psi give them your 30 second elevator pitch, and ask if they would like to learn more about it. If the answer is yes, take ‘em on a Coke date and give them a tour of the Lodge. Need help getting a scholarship program started? Contact your Alpha Visitor for help.

7)   Host events in different cities during the summer – Take a look at where your Brothers are living this summer? Set up fun recruitment/brotherhood events in the cities they are living in

Need more ideas for summer recruitment? Contact your Alpha Visitor and he’ll share with you several more ways to take your Alpha’s recruitment to the next level.


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