Program For Excellence Spotlight: Alpha Alpha Colony and Alpha Alpha Delta

This week we are taking a look at two awesome upcoming Chi Psi Program For Excellence events at two of Chi Psi’s most recently established groups, Alpha Alpha Colony at Wesleyan University and Alpha Alpha Delta at the University of Georgia.

The Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament:

When: Saturday, April 14

What: A golf tournament and BBQ, open to alumni, members of the Greek Community, the University of Georgia student body, and the Athens, GA community supporting the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Alpha Alpha Delta is using the event not only to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, but they are using the event to engage alumni (email invitations were sent to all Alpha Alpha alumni), to recruit (potential new members are participating in and helping with the tournament), to reach out to the Greek Community (invitations were sent to every sorority and fraternity at
UGA), and for campus and community

Event Page:

T-shirts are available for purchase.

official logo of the American Cancer Society R...

The Alpha Alpha Colony Relay For Life:

When: Friday, April 20 – Saturday, April 21

What: Wesleyan University Relay For Life supporting the American Cancer Society. Teams compete to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Who: Alpha Alpha Colony of Chi Psi is teaming up with Clark dormitory

The Colony is using the event as an opportunity to not only raise money to support Breast Cancer Awareness, but also to engage Alpha Alpha alumni and parents, recruit potential colony members (they asked men on their names list to attend and participate in the event with them), improve campus outreach (they are partnering with a freshman dorm on campus), and build community
outreach (they are soliciting donations
from local restaurants and businesses).

Check out Alpha Alpha Colony team page if you would like to help the colonists reach their goal in their first philanthropy event!

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