Social Suckiness? Start Soon.

Apparently suckiness isn’t a word.  Let’s pretend it is though.  It was when we were in second grade and, really, how much has changed since then?

Besides, this is my blog and I do what I want.  Yea!  There’s the inner-second-grader coming through.

Nice to meet you. My name is Jon

(For those of you keeping score at home, the word I’m typing would be pronounced  ‘suck-ee-ness.’  The unofficial definition is  “to exist in a state of being disgustingly disagreeable. ”  K?  Moving along.)

Second grade.  Ahhh.  Wasn’t it great?  We had it made.  Recess every day.  Field trips.  Gym class.  Time seemed to stand still.  Friends were easy to come by.  All it took was a “Hi, I’m Jon.  Want to play outside?”  Boom.  New best friend.

Anyways, fast forward about ten years and we’re in college.  Freshman year it’s the same thing all over again.  Tons of free time.  Everyone is dying to meet new people.  Kapow~ instant friends!  You sign up for clubs.  Get involved around campus.  And, if you’re reading this blog, join a fraternity.

For some of us, here in lies the problem.  We had these visions of THE MOST… EPIC… SOCIAL LIFE… EVEEEER!!!

But, are you feeling like your social calendar has been a little lame this year?   Have you been on surprisingly few dates?  Do you even have any female phone numbers saved in your phone?  If any of this rings true for you, your Alpha might be suffering from Social Suckiness.  Fear not, dear reader, a cure lies ahead.

Men, it’s time we had a talk.  We suck at planning ahead.  We suck at planning even 5 hours ahead.  Plan 5 months ahead?  Blasphemy.

If you want to change some things – like your social life – you’ve got to change some things.

“But, Jon, we’re in a fraternity and we value tradition.  The tradition around here is that we don’t plan ahead.  It’s the way it’s always been done.”

Stop interrupting me, imaginary italicized voice.  I promise you, your forefathers did not wish Social Suckiness upon you or your fellow undergrads.  Stop playing martyr.  The secret to social success, lies in the 6S.  That’s right.  The 6-S system to success.  Pardon me while I blow your mind.

The 6-S system will have you feeling better in no time!

S-elect S-ororities

Gents, there are fun and pretty girls in every sorority.  Promise.  I know you’re probably thinking ‘hottest sorority or bust’, but let’s keep an open mind here.  At your next weekly meeting, identify three sororities that you collectively already have connections with, and would like to build upon.  Who are they?




Now, who is someone in that sorority that has an important position?  What is their contact info?

S-tart S-mall

The biggest mistake fraternity men make when they mix with sororities is that they go 0-60.  Zero interaction to hanging out in a 60+ person setting.  Nobody knows anybody.  Guys cluster.  Girls cluster.  Middle school dance syndrome kicks in.  Panic.

Try something small.  Have your Alpha’s exec host a joint dinner with the sorority’s exec.  Get to know them in a lower pressure situation.  Ask them what they’re working on.  Offer to help where you can.  Share with them an eager desire to be more engaged with the Greek community, and especially their sorority.  Share some classy, fun, unique ideas for your organizations to interact.

S-tart S-oon

Want to have a rockin’ social calendar for next fall?  Put this stuff into play now.  Ask Teri Forsythe and she’ll tell you that anything involving Boys, Booze, or Busses takes months for sororities to plan and get cleared by their Headquarters.  Believe it or not, sororities are already planning their fall 2012 social calendar.  If you have any hope of getting on that calendar, you had better start soon.

So here’s your mission:  have one small event with the executive boards of three different sororities.  Use these as a jumping off point to have a fun spring service event, secure a fall homecoming partner, or plan a fun fall mixer.  Whatever route you choose, time is ticking, and the longer you suffer from social suckiness, the harder it is to cure.

I think he's onto something.


One response to “Social Suckiness? Start Soon.

  1. Solid article, and it really is true that using connections with friends on sorority execs can boost your social calendar. We implemented this strategy at Alpha Rho Delta and thanks to Matt Ciccone’s social connections we landed ourselves an annual philanthropy and social with some of the most beautiful women on campus. That’s hours of interactions between your alpha’s members and the lovely ladies of another sorority which can be used to boost your social calendar to maximum efficiency. Moreover, if one group of ladies likes you, the probability is staggering that their friends in other sororities are going to here about it. So take JMo’s advice and boost your social calendar for the next year.

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