Challenging Recruitment Ideas

For many Alphas across the nation it’s that time of the year again. Rush is well underway, or has recently ended and Alpha’s pledge classes are closing up their doors. But why??? Why do we stop just because rush is over? Why have we limited ourselves to only be able to recruit during a set time period? Alphas that do this have quite literally shot themselves in the foot.

Now I understand it’s not what you are used to doing. I understand it is different and new. And make no mistake by bringing this idea to your Alpha it will be met with resistance and criticisms. However, like all visionaries in the past you must persevere to ensure your success.

So maybe I have gotten your attention, maybe not. If not that’s ok. Go over there, and sit the next couple of plays out. Whine a little more because you didn’t quite reach your pledge class number while you continually try to comfort yourself by, saying you got the best men on campus even though you know that’s a lie.

If I have your attention here is how to do it:

Step 1.

Multiply your total number of brothers by 0.2 (20%).

Step 2.

Pick that many team captains

Step 3.

Have a draft where team captains pick their teams – just like in a pick-up game of basketball. You should end up with teams of five.

Step 4.

Tell the teams that whoever brings in the most pledges (not recruits) will get a prize. The prize should be something nice like a dinner at Ruth’s Chris paid for by the Alpha or a three nights’ stay at a hotel on the beach or in the mountains paid for by the Alpha. Estimated cost $300 – $400; way less than you spent during rush.

If you follow these four steps and continually recruit this semester than I guarantee you will see dramatic results. If you are still skeptical… well maybe you’re not ready to make the changes needed to take it to the next level.

Enjoy sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else win.


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