Alpha Alpha Delta

As most of you know we are in the process of Re-Establishing Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi at the University of Georgia. The Central Office and the Alumni of Alpha Delta have been diligently working all semester to bring back an Alpha of 121 years. Many of you approached me at Convention in Ann Arbor to wish me luck down in Athens this semester, some even offered to help.

The Lodge of Alpha DeltaGeorgia.

Now thanksgiving break is upon us and with that the Semester will begin drawing to a close. Alpha Delta, seeing its share of success and hardship in its long history here at UGA, appears to be in good hands as the newly recruited refounding members take over the reins and begin to build Alpha Delta to their goal of “Changing the Game”.

(Allow me to elaborate on the above phrase of “Change the Game”. The refounders of Alpha Delta have determined the greek community here at UGA is in need of a fraternity who will challenge the status-quo, set higher expectations for all greek organization to live up to, and overall create an experience that cultivates true friendships.)

Currently Alpha Delta has 13 refounding members, of which 12 are freshman.

They bring at least one new recruit to every meeting; they often have two meetings a week. They have already hosted a date night, organized a community service effort, made over 600 cold calls, and created their constitution and by-laws. These men are smart, sociable and most importantly enjoy each other’s company. Three are honors students, two are Eagle Scouts and one is the bassist for the UGA glee club.Community Service at the Animal Shelter.

Community Service at the Animal Shelter

For 121 years Alpha Delta stood as one of Chi Psi’s many exemplary Alphas, and will soon be welcomed amongst us as friends and brothers. Until then we will continue to support and entrust this great Alpha to the hands of men we will one day call our brothers.

Special Thanks to Jake Shanesy Ν ’13 and Sean Aaron Π ’12 for their recruitment assistance in the Re-Establishment of Alpha Delta of Chi Psi.


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