The Communication Breakdown Challenge

Are your Brothers ignoring your emails and text messages?

Is your Alpha lacking attendance at meetings?

Is your Alpha suffering from poor participation?

Does it feel like your Alpha is not on the same page?

Then you might be suffering from communication breakdown. Communication breakdown is exactly what it sounds like: a breakdown in communication. The above problems often stem from subpar communication within the Alpha. Communication breakdown is a symptom of using an indirect style of communication. Mass text messages and emails are not effective styles of communication because they can be easily ignored.

Struggling with any of the above items? Then your Alpha needs to step right up for the communication breakdown challenge.

The Communication Breakdown Challenge

Try elevating the way you and your Brothers communicate.  Mass emails and text messages are ineffective.  We challenge you to forgo email and text messages in the execution of the Alpha’s business for 7 days and see what happens. Make phone calls.  Meet in person.  This takes time, but it is so much more effective.  When you want to say “this needs to happen,” instead try saying “will YOU do this for me, please?”  Do you see the difference?  The former only identifies a problem.  The latter makes your Brother a part of the solution.  People despise problems.  People enjoy being part of solutions.  This creates personal accountability.  People can’t ignore that like they can ignore a mass email. Will you commit to a more direct style of communication?

Establish a phone tree for the Alpha’s communication. Leverage the Alpha’s leadership to help you accomplish this task. Pair your strongest and most motivated men with men who participate at a minimal level.  Coach your officers in the use of the phone tree.  When you need attendance, use the phone tree.  Brothers should phrase the asks in the same way you’d phrase a bid closing.  “It is important to me that you attend this event.  Will you come?” If we want our Brothers to stay active and participate we must appeal to their interests, needs, and wants. If a Brother says that he does not want to come to an event ask him “why?”

Effective communication is the key to success of any Alpha. Establish a direct system that works best for you!


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