HOW to Occupy your Alpha

Recently I have heard a lot about this Occupy Wall Street movement. I have read blogs and listened to the news reports and even experienced it first-hand here in Athens, GA. By “experienced it first-hand” I mean I walked by where they have camped out at The Arch, with my morning cup of joe and smartphone in hand probably doing something productive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed to have the job I do, or one at all. Furthermore, I respect the principle behind what these people stand for. Freedom of speech, the land of opportunity, everyone has a voice, power to the people – It’s downright American!! And I love America!


However, there seems to be one fundamental flaw… They are protesting because there are no jobs (which is a great reason to protest), but none of them seem to be offering a solution to the problem. They are simply raising awareness for a problem that people are already very aware of. The Occupy Wall Street movement knows WHAT they want (equality, distribution of wealth, abolishment of cooperate greed) and through that they are able to very clearly communicate WHY they exist. However, no one seems to know HOW to accomplish their goals.

Now the Occupy Wall Street movement is even getting a lot of recognition and publicity. There are enough people to really make a difference, and Occupy Wall Street now has ample opportunity to be heard. Still no one seems to know HOW to accomplish their goals.

Refresher Course: Golden Circle Time

As an Alpha you certainly know WHAT you do – Parties, philanthropies, community service, socials, brotherhood events, educational programs, so on and so on. You probably know WHY you do it – refer to the Preamble and your R&T manual. But do you have any idea HOW to accomplish your goals???

Well good news, I can help. Jon Moore can help. Justin can help. Brad Beskin can help. And we already have. We have put the Why, HOW, and what online. Check it out!!!! This is your HOW-to guide to accomplishing all of your goals this semester and we are here to help you implement strategies so you can accomplish your goals.

Check out our HOW-to guide and contact us directly if you need help developing a plan for HOW to accomplish your goals and we will gladly guide you through the process.


One response to “HOW to Occupy your Alpha

  1. Clever usage of the OWS movement as a bridge to introduce & transition into a discussion of the ultimate subject of your piece. Nicely constructed and well written.

    [But by identifying the movement’s most obvious weakness (i.e., the absence of a coherent set of answers to the question “how?”) — I suspect you may have inadvertently opened the door to a far-ranging (and ultimately off-topic) debate between those who would argue that OWS does offer solutions, versus others who share your view that OWS does not answer the essential questions it raises. For what it’s worth, I share your views on this (i.e., regarding the validity of the protestors’ frustration; the fundamental value of free speech & debate; and I likewise agree that absent clearly stated goals — and realistic ideas about how to achieve those goals — I don’t foresee the OWS movement causing or even shaping policy changes on any meaningful level (at least, not as OWS is presently organized (I use that term loosely here)). — But I digress . . . ]

    Again, nice job.
    Spence Kelly
    Delta Delta ’94

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