The Lifestyle: There Are No Excuses

Lately, I have been doing some reading on living a healthier lifestyle. Mainly because I have put on a few pounds since graduating last December but also because I want to find a better way to stay healthy and in shape while traveling for Chi Psi.

I mean it’s hard hopping from place to place. You can’t get into a regular routine. You don’t have a gym to exercise at everyday. It’s difficult to find a way to eat right when you’re on the road and have to eat fast food all the time, etc….

HOLD ON! These are just EXCUSES! These are just reasons I have come up with to justify not staying in shape and gaining a few pounds. There’s no room for excuses when you are trying to live healthy.  There is absolutely no reason I cannot stay healthy while on the road.

Why? Because living healthy is a LIFESTYLE.

Living healthy is not something that I can just do every once in a while it’s something I should be doing everyday. “Living healthy is a LIFESTYLE!” is the most important thing I have taken away from my “healthy lifestyle” readings.

So what does a healthy lifestyle entail? According to my friend Merriam Webster, a lifestyle is a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.

If I want to live healthy I have to make it part of everything I do, everyday.

Guess what? Being in a fraternity is a lifestyle too!

Being in a fraternity is not something you do once a week, only on the weekends, a couple times a semester, or just while you are in college. It’s something you do every second of your day. When you chose to pledge Chi Psi you pledged yourself to a lifestyle. You have made a lifelong commitment and from the day you pledged until the day you pass away all of your actions, values, and attitudes reflect upon Chi Psi as an organization.

I challenge you to LIVE CHI PSI everyday. Make the Fraternity a part of your daily routine. Do something, or a few things, to make your Alpha better everyday. Whether its making recruitment apart of your daily life, reaching out to your Brothers daily, living your values, etc. Chi Psi should be a part of your daily life.

But most of all quit making excuses!

Just like there are no excuses for me not living a healthy lifestyle while on the road, there are no excuses for not living Chi Psi everyday. There is no excuse for not living a values-congruent life. There is no excuse for not doing anything and everything to better the Fraternity. There is no excuse for missing Brothers’ meeting. There is no excuse for dropping the ball as a position holder. There is no excuse for not pulling your weight academically, with recruitment, with philanthropy/community service, etc…

So don’t wait! Stop making excuses and START LIVING CHI PSI TODAY!!!! Uphold the promise you made when you pledged yourself to Chi Psi!

P.s. Over the next few posts the other visitors and myself will be expressing our thoughts on making different aspects of Chi Psi a part of your lifestyle.

Check out Derek Taylor’s thoughts on living out our values and ritual in “The Lifesytle: Rr”. The following week I’ll follow up with “The Lifestyle: ‘Recruit Smart. Play Hard’” where we will take a look at fraternity recruitment as a lifestyle.


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