Lessons to Learn from Russell Wilson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! College Football is back and there were a lot of great games this past weekend (if you missed anything this past weekend check out ESPN’s College Football Weekend review).

I love the excitement that surrounds opening weekend of any sport, especially college football. As I was watching my alma mater, NC State, take on Liberty this past weekend I became highly frustrated with the Wolfpack offense and the word “TRANSFER,” and the name “Russell Wilson” became ingrained in my mind.

After several seasons watching Russell Wilson, a dual-threat quarterback, lead the ACC in total offense per game it was tough to watch the NC State offense struggle and it was even tougher watching the Liberty Flames put up over 85 yards more total offense than NC State. If Liberty had not turned the ball over seven times, NC State would have opened the season with a loss to an FCS opponent.

While NC State fans were watching their team with frustration, across the country Wisconsin Badger fans were celebrating the Wisconsin debut of former NC State quarterback, Russell Wilson. This summer Wilson made college football news when he made the decision to transfer to the University of Wisconsin. Wilson made the decision to transfer after being told he could no longer be a two-sport athlete at the university and that he would have to choose between playing football and baseball.

Following Wilson’s decision to transfer many college football experts have identified Wilson as the “missing puzzle piece” that propels a high-powered Wisconsin offense into national title contention. Isn’t it amazing how one player can propel a team into national title contention?

At this point I’m sure many of you are either asking, “What in the world can Chi Psi learn from a college football player who decided to transfer?” or you are saying to yourself, “Justin, why don’t you quit crying about NC State losing their star quarterback?”

To those of you asking the first question here is your answer, Chi Psi Brothers can learn the following from Russell Wilson’s decision to transfer to Wisconsin:

1. Transfer students can be a huge addition to your Alpha. College football has proven that transfer students can be the missing puzzle piece for a student organization or team. Last year Cam Newton transferred from Blinn College to Auburn University, where Newton would lead Auburn to a national title.

A similar situation may be in the works for Wisconsin. The addition of Russell Wilson to the Wisconsin football team has college football gurus not only talking about Wisconsin’s Big Ten title hopes but BCS title contention as well.

Transfer students are an untapped resource in the fraternity world. These students are upperclassmen that have already proven that they can excel in the classroom. They bring life experience and maturity to the table and have the ability to become an instant leader not only in their pledge class but in the Alpha as well.

Not to mention that one of the best things about transfer students is that they don’t know anybody! Transfer students are looking to make new friends and are looking for ways to get involved around campus. So reach out to them.

At the beginning of each semester take time to visit your Greek Life director and/or university admissions department and ask for a list of transfer students. Once you have a list pick up the phone and reach out to them. Students transferring in from other universities could be the missing puzzle piece that helps take your Alpha to the top.

2. In order to keep your Brothers active you must appeal to their needs and wants. Russell Wilson wanted to play both baseball and football. NC State did not give Wilson the opportunity to play both spots so Wilson ultimately made the decision to transfer.

A similar situation could be true for Chi Psi Brothers. If we do not offer a fraternal experience that appeals to our Brothers, our Brothers may not stay active all four years and may end up helping another campus organization, besides Chi Psi, propel their way to the top. In order to keep our Brothers active we have to appeal to our Brothers varying interests and needs.

Figure out what your Brothers are looking for, and make sure your Alpha is offering it to them. (For more tips on keeping you Brothers active check out: “Why won’t my Brothers stay active?” Part 1 and “Why don’t my Brothers stay active?” Part 2)


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