Best of the Blog #3

Alpha Accomplishments: Alpha Xi

by Jon Moore
originally posted November 2, 2010

The ‘Alpha Accomplishments’ series will focus on good work that our Brothers are doing. Has your Alpha had a great event recently? Make sure you’re sharing this news with us. Stay tuned to see if your Alpha is featured!

Just across the river from New York City lies Hoboken, NJ. Hoboken is the home of Stevens Institute of Technology and our Brothers of Alpha Xi. Recently, these Brothers have put on some great events.

Just a few pumpkins from Alpha Xi's carving event with Delta Phi Epsilon

Over Halloween weekend, Alpha Xi put on a pair of events that the Brothers greatly enjoyed as the Alpha grew their reputation and served the community.

On Saturday evening, the Chi Psi Brothers welcomed the ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority to the Lodge. Everyone had fun during a pumpkin carving event that yielded enough decorative pumpkins that when lined side-by-side the pumpkins wrapped halfway around the building. This was just setting the scene for what would come Sunday.

The highlight of the event was the "Haunted House" that Alpha Xi put on in the Lodge basement.

On Sunday, October 31, Chi Psi and Delta Phi Epsilon put on a Haunted Lodge event for the Hoboken community. For more than 10 years, Alpha Xi has hosted the Haunted Lodge, and it has built up a strong following with local families. Additionally, Brothers and women from the sorority passed out fliers during the Hoboken Halloween Parade to boost attendance.

An Alpha Xi Brother dressed as Jason for the Haunted Lodge

The highlight of the event was the ‘Haunted House’ that the Brothers set up in the Alpha Xi Lodge. The basement was decorated with scary scenes, and Brothers were dressed in gory costumes and frightening masks. Meanwhile, on the back lawn, the sorority women held craft tables. Children had fun making Halloween masks, getting their faces painted, carving pumpkins and eating sweets. Another highlight of the event was a green screen where people could take that were then uploaded to a computer with different scary backgrounds added in before being printed off as souvenirs. In total, more than 100 kids and parents visited the Lodge during this event.

Alpha Xi's virtual war room for the Halo: Reach tournament

Another fun event the Brothers recently conducted was a ‘Halo: Reach‘ tournament. Four large televisions were put in the center of their lounge creating a high energy virtual war room. Couches, filled with participants, lined the outer wall simulating an arena style audience. Teams of two (one Brother with one recruit) battled each other while sitting on opposite sides of the room. More than 15 freshman participated in this tournament.

A round of clicks to our Brothers from Alpha Xi for their good work!

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