The 30-day challenge

Check the video first, then read on…

Each week Derek and I dispense advice on a variety of topics.  Some weeks you might like them, and other weeks you might think we’re crazy.  Either way, our hope is that these blogs make you think.

Today, I’m hoping that this blog makes you take ACTION!

For all the IDEAS (big ideas- see what I did there?) that you may love, how many of them are sustainable to pursue?  Similar to what Mr. Cutts said in his TED talk… I’m challenging you to make deliberate, sustainable choices over the next 30 days that are going to put you and your Alpha in a better position for the start of the school year.

But first, what area of your Alpha’s operations do you want to improve?

Sorority Relations?


Brother involvement?

Campus connectedness?

Pick your poison and keep reading.


Each day for the next 30 days:  Message one incoming freshman on Facebook. 

Go to your schools ‘class of 2015′ facebook group each day and message one person.  The approach I’d recommend is this: Pro-campus; Pro-Greek; Pro-Chi Psi.  What does that mean?  Well, first of all, you’re an ambassador for your university.  Then, you need to convince them that Greek life is worthwhile.  Then, when they ask “which Greek organization are you in?”  you hit ’em with the details.  If they ask why you’re reaching out to them/ being so nice tell them “As an incoming freshman I had a few older friends that really helped show me the ropes.  I’m just trying to pay it forward.”  It’s not lying.  It’s friend-making.  Get off your high horse.

Sorority Relations:

Each day for the next 30 days:  Email one sorority leader per day. 

Have an existing relationship?  Great!  Think those ladies don’t know you exist?  Even better.  A new year means a chance to take ownership of your image.  Start humbly but hopefully.  “We know that we haven’t done very much with you all in the past.  But, we think very highly of your organization, and we think we could put on some fun events together.”  Make a suggestion for a way to mix and be sure to follow up.  Sorority calendars fill up quickly so you better act now if you want a social event before January.

Brother Involvement

Each day for the next 30 days:  Call one Brother per day. 

Ask them how their summer is going.  Share any exciting news you have.  Then ask them about their hopes for the future of the Alpha.  What big ideas do they have?  In what ways do they wish to get involved?  What has kept them from stepping up in the past?  By listening to your Brothers you help give them the confidence to speak up during the year and take action to benefit everyone.

Campus Connectedness:

Each day for the next 30 days:  Explore your campus!! 

Sure, you may know where the cafeterias, the rec center, the dorms, the classes, and the bars are, but do you understand your campus’ history?  Can you tell me what is significant about the bell tower?  Can you tell me about the story behind the president’s house?  Or which part of your campus is oldest?  Check out all the attractions your campus has to offer on a daily basis.  Then, figure out ways to plan events (recruitment, social, whatever) around these campus landmarks.

In the comment box, tell me which of these you’re going to pursue.  I will follow up with you and help you keep with your goals.  Got a different idea?  I’d love to hear that too!


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