Dr. Taylor’s Alpha Medical Report – Recruitment Marg-ar-itas

Marg-ar-itas (Click here for pronunciation), a condition of apathy in collegiate men, is an illness that causes students to forget about any and all work needed to be done until they return to school in the fall. In this week’s Alpha Medical Report we review the deadly effect of Marg-ar-itas on your Alphas recruitment.

How many times have you seen this scenario:

A brother promises an outstanding recruitment period if he is elected Recruitment Chair. However, once Rush comes around, you are all scrambling to scrounge up any unaffiliated men you can find to fill your pledge class. Inevitably, your Alpha has another bad year in recruitment, and your recruitment chair will receive all of the blame as he did not deliver on his promise.

In actuality it wasn’t his fault. Your poor Recruitment Chairman had come down with the Marg-ar-itas, and no one in the Alpha did anything to try and to cure their ailing brother. It wasn’t your fault though. You were probably unaware of the devastating effects of Marg-ar-itas on your Alpha’s recruitment. As I said in my first Alpha Medical Report “awareness is the first step in prevention”.

Now I was always told that if we do not learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it. So if the above example sounds like something you have seen before in your own Alpha then we need to work fast to keep your Alpha’s Recruitment Chairman from catching Marg-ar-itas. Even if Marg-ar-itas has begun to set in, there is still time for help.

Fear not Alphas, by following my six step plan we will cure your Recruitment Marg-ar-itas today.

Six Steps of Recruitment Marg-ar-itas Therapy

Step 1. Call your Greek Advisor, and ask if there is an early acceptance list you can get your hands on. This may also be called an early deposit list. Begin to contact these men to invite them to a “Welcome to XYZ University!” cookout that your Alpha is hosting during freshman orientation. If your school has more than one freshman orientation session then you may have to host more than one welcoming event.

Step 2. Call every man in your Alpha. See if he has anyone that he knows coming to your institution next year. Put them on your Alpha’s Names List and then call that young man welcoming him to XYZ University providing him with your contact information saying something to the tune of:

“I remember coming to college  ____ number of years ago. It’s an exciting time but it’s not always easy to adapt to college life so quickly. I feel like having gone through it once before I could have done a few things different to make my transition into college life a bit easier. Here’s my number if you have any questions about how things work here at XYZ University feel free to give me a call.”

Don’t wait for their call. Call them back in a week or two to follow up on your conversation and invite them to one of your welcome events from step 1.

Step 3. Create or join a Facebook group or Fan Page for the incoming freshman class of your collegiate institution.

Step 4. Contact high schools in your area for a list of names attending your collegiate institution next year.    

Step 5. Ask your brothers to contact high schools in your area for a list of names attending your collegiate institution next year as you did in step 4.    

Step 6. Contact all of the men on your Alpha’s names list welcoming them to XYZ University and offer to assist them in their transition to college. Follow up this offer with another phone call a week before freshman move-in.

Follow my six-step plan and your Recruitment Chair will not suffer from Marg-ar-itas. Remember though, it is up to the Brothers in the Alpha to prevent their Recruitment Chair from catching the Marg-ar-itas. If he already has the Marg-ar-itas, then it is the Brothers’ responsibility to nurse him back to health. Your Recruitment Chairman may already have the Marg-ar-ita,s or you may simply wish to prevent him from catching it. Either way, if you follow my Six Steps of Recruitment Marg-ar-itas Therapy your Alpha’s Recruitment Chair will not suffer from the dreaded Recruitment Marg-ar-itas.


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