Derek Taylor’s Top Tips for Travel

Summer is finally here!!! And with the arrival of summer comes vacations, road trips and, if your lucky, flights to some beach anywhere. In light of summer travel, I thought I might share a few tips that I have picked up along the way. So here are Derek Taylor’s Top Tips for Travel… Airplane Mode.

What do you really need???

  1. Checked bags can get expensive, and to be honest they’re unnecessary.  I will leave for up to a month with nothing but a 21 inch carry-on, and I always have more than necessary. Take some time before your trip and determine what you need, not what you want.
  2. Leave the Shampoo and soap at home. The Hotel/Resort/Friends beach house/etc. will have shampoo.

Everything has its place.

  1. Use the space in your suitcase efficiently.
  2. Roll your t-shirts after they have been folded.
  3. Put two pairs of socks in each shoe.
  4. Pack your sandals, and wear the bulkier shoes to conserve space in your carry-on.

Getting through security – Be efficient

  1. Have your boarding pass and your driver’s license ready.
  2. Carry very little in your pockets.
  3. Put what you do have in your pockets in the smaller compartments of your carry-on or personal item before you get to the security line. That way you don’t use as many bins or hold up the line frantically shoving items back into your pockets.
  4. Don’t wear a belt.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off.
  6. Memorize your gate number and seat but don’t forget to check the monitor in case there was a last minute gate change. Side note: When you check the monitors please don’t stop in the middle of the walkway.

It ain’t first class but….

  1. Go online and review the seating charts for your specific aircraft. Familiarize yourself with the best seats.
  2. Book an exit row if you can. They have much more leg room than the typical row.
  3. If there are two exit rows together get the second one. The seats in the first exit row won’t recline.
  4. The front seats in coach are great because they generally have the most leg room in coach.
  5. Some of the best seats are reserved for those with status with an airline; however, you can move your seat up until just before you board. Ask the Customer Service Representative at the gate if there are any open seats in the area you wish to sit.

Flight Attendant Friends 

  1. Flight attendants have to put up with travelers all day, chances are most of whom are slightly frustrated from their stressful travel (they obviously haven’t heard about Derek Taylor’s Top Tip’s for Travel). So practice your social excellence. Be polite and pleasant to the Flight Attendants because it is the right thing to do… plus, sometimes they’ll  give you free-bees.
  2. Put down what you are doing, and pay attention to the Pre-Flight Safety talk
  3. Take out your ear buds, and remove your noise cancelling headphones when they come by with the beverage cart.

These tips have helped me throughout my travels through the friendly skies, and I am certain they can help you. Hopefully you have some fun travel scheduled for the summer. If not, Convention is in Ann Arbor, Michigan August 3rd – 7th. So book your flights, get the best seat in coach, be nice to the flight attendants, and let’s share travel stories over a cold beverage in Ann Arbor.

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