D.O.A. [Death of Apathy]


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This is anti-apathy/ Death of excuse making/  Let’s step the game up/  This is for world changing.

K, maybe I’ll save the rhyming for Jay-Z (rap fans, check the video), but the point is this:  It’s time for us as Chi Psis to go big.  And we’re going BIG.  I’m talking HUGE!

Ever had a great Chi Psi idea?  You know… that one awesome, game changing, reputation altering idea… that YOU had.  You ran it by your closest friends and Brothers.  You did a little research.  You brought it up at an Alpha meeting.  And what response did you get?


Boom.  Shot down.  Dead.  The brain stops working.  You’re not even thinking about it anymore.

That sounds stupid to me.  If you’re a Chi Psi, this is how you prove it to me.

What if we changed our collective dialogue and replaced “We Can’t”, “That would never work”, or “our Brothers would never go for that” with a simple phrase…

“HOW CAN WE?”  How can we make it work?  How can we make a difference?  How can we change lives within our Alpha, the campus, and the neighboring community?

Do you see the difference?

“How can we?” is a question.  It’s a challenge.  It get’s you thinking.  It demands a response.  It eats you alive until you come up with a frickin’ solution.  And gentlemen, we need some solutions.

So here is the question that I ask you today:  How can we, as Chi Psis, help change the world?  I repeat, How can Chi Psi help change the world?

That’s it?  Just change the world, huh?  No big deal.  Ho hum.  I’m on it.

Hear me out…

Philanthropy and community service are buzzwords.  Your ‘philanthropic’ efforts probably consist of paying $100 to enter a team in some other Greeks’ philanthropy.  You get your t-shirt. You play in two games before getting bounced.  You chat up some folks.  Life is good.  Man, we made a difference! Meh.  Or better yet, community service– how are you looking on that front?  Three hours of service per semester per Brother?  Did you actually hold anybody accountable to that?  Does attending a philanthropy event for three hours count?  No.  It doesn’t.

Here is my grand proposal:  Chi Psi as a national fraternity should implement a philanthropic fund that is put to use through Kiva.org.  Don’t know what Kiva is?  A tagline from the website reads “empower people around the world with a $25 loan.”  Kiva is a microfinance facilitator that pairs ordinary people like you and me with entrepreneurs in developing nations.  You don’t have to be Bill Gates to make a difference in Africa or Asia.  All you have to do is open a Kiva account, browse through the ranks of entrepreneurs to support, point, and click.  All loans are made with a knowledge of the repayment terms, thus, the fund would actually grow over time… making it possible to invest an ever-increasing amount of money in emerging nations.  The lovely Jessica Jackley explains it best…

Microfinance is changing lives.  As individuals get their small businesses off the ground they can earn money, improve their standard of living, raise their communities and nations.  Microfinance is changing the world.  I challenge your Alpha to take the plunge.  You truly will be helping to change the world.

I don’t know about you, but that inspires me way more than a charity dodgeball tournament.

Making a difference isn’t a science.  This is Death of Apathy.  Moment of Silence.


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