Alpha See, Alpha Do

by Central Office Intern, Alex Howell

Chi Psi is a national fraternity. As Brothers we all know this to be true. We all know that there are other Alphas. We all know that there are Chi Psis across the world, but that isn’t all we know.

We all know that our Alpha is better than every other Alpha. But if we all come from different Alphas, how is that possible? There must be a flaw in that logic, but nonetheless, most Brothers believe their Alpha to be the greatest. Since an Alpha is where a Brother has the most contact with Chi Psi, it is usually in the forefront of his thoughts. But this can sometimes hurt the Alpha. If the Alpha is viewed singularly and apart from Chi Psi as a whole, that can lead to a close-mindedness of Brothers who believe that they are the sole defender of Chi Psi and its values and that other Chi Psis, whether from National or other Alphas, do not have their best interests at heart.

Before I continue, I do want to say that having pride in one’s Alpha is not a bad thing. It motivates and drives brothers to accomplish things. But we must not settle in the belief that we are the best. There must be always be a drive to be better, lest we become stagnant and set in our ways, regardless of how detrimental they are.

I understand that this first part was an exercise in Chi Psi existentialism, (Jon Moore’s forte, not mine), but it is important to set the stage for the point I am trying to make: If instead of believing that your Alpha is the best, you strive to make it the best, you can help thrust your Alpha into the forefront of Chi Psi nationally. To this end, take what is working for other Alphas and make it your own.

I know that there is a tendency to dismiss what other Alphas have accomplished because they are different, or at a different school, or the standard “that wouldn’t work here.” I have seen this first-hand, and if you are being perfectly honest so have you. I urge you as Brothers to push past the feelings that the other Alphas are too different or too inferior that their ideas could not possibly help your own Alpha.

Businesses large and small often poach ideas from each other because they are constantly looking for an edge, why aren’t we? The truth is we are, we just need to open our minds to different possibilities. We are all Brothers, and we are all here to help each other and learn from one another as we collectively pursue excellence.


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