Founders’ Day Reflections – CO Intern Alex Howell, I∆ ’12

“Chi Psi is a collection of misfits.” – Stephen Hou, I∆’93

I was sitting in an Alpha meeting when an alumnus said this while addressing the Brotherhood. Even though it has been a couple of years, I still remember that speech vividly and this comment in particular stood out. He meant it not as a derogatory comment but rather as a succinct explanation of the character of Brothers.

A misfit is defined as someone that is considered different form the norm. Chi Psi Gentlemen are different. This is not a bad thing. We strive to be different. We strive to better ourselves as well as each other. The fact is, we are men that excel in every aspect of life, be it intellectually, morally, or socially. We are a step apart from other men. It is rare that you come across men whose bonds of friendship and love are so strong and who uphold a set of values like the ones so fervently held in the heart of each and every Chi Psi.

Yet just as Chi Psi Gentlemen are set apart from other men, we are also set apart from each other. As Alexander Berthoud, Π 1844 said, “We differed much in our appearances, traits, and tastes”. And this still holds true today. Our uniqueness does not drive us apart but rather only serves to strengthen the values and resolve that we all share. So this Founders’ Day let us all celebrate our differences as well as our love for one another and our love Chi Psi.


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