Founder’s Day Reflections – Justin Froeber

When I take the time to reflect on my fraternity experience it is impossible to quantify or qualify everything that Chi Psi has given me. If it were not for Chi Psi I would not be the man I am today. Thanks to the fraternity I have developed personally and professionally in countless ways. Chi Psi has offered me more experiences and developmental opportunities than I could have ever gained from any other organization.

Despite my inability to quantify and qualify what Chi Psi has given me, two things stand out:

1. The word “Gentleman”

2. The phrase “elevated and refined friendships”

Chi Psi has molded me into a finer gentleman and has produced men who are not only my best friends but also my Brothers.

Alexander Berthoud, Pi ’44, once wrote:

“Friendship’s ties bound us together, and to promote that intimacy we started our fraternity, from the beginning choosing none but gentlemen. Though we differed much in our appearances, traits, and tastes, still all were generous, noble-hearted youths, full of life and mirth and gayety.”
Who knew that Brother Berthoud’s thoughts would still hold true 170 years later? The two things that stand out in my mind today, “gentleman” and “elevated and refined friendships,” were also prevalent in the minds of our founders.

It has been said that Chi Psis are first and foremost gentlemen. Because Chi Psis are first and foremost gentlemen, the fraternity offers an environment in which we can surround ourselves with gentlemen from different backgrounds, interest, hobbies, traits, etc.

If it were not for Chi Psi I would have never met many of the men I consider to be my best friends today. We were too different and probably would have never met each other on campus. However, Chi Psi would eventually bring us together.

The fact that we were gentlemen and the fact that each of us longed for elevated and refined friendships attracted us to Chi Psi. Chi Psi then fostered those relationships and molded each of us into finer young men. Chi Psi taught us to tolerate differences and share interests, and to that I owe Chi Psi a great deal of gratitude.

Chi Psi has given me the best opportunity to develop as a gentleman and continues to do so. Chi Psi has given me my best friends and men whom I truly believe to be my Brothers. Chi Psi has gifted me these relationships not only at North Carolina State University, but also across the nation.

As I celebrate Founders’ Day, I thank Chi Psi for creating finer gentlemen and cultivating elevated and refined friendships.


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