The Finish Line is Near

It’s April.  The weather is improving.  You’re still weeks away from final exams.  Your Alpha’s calendar is likely jam-packed.  Cruise control has been set.

But how do we make sure that cruise control doesn’t turn into snooze control?  Here are some tips for finishing the year on a high note!

1) Prioritize RM

The fastest way to turn a strong year into a regretful one is to have a risk management violation late in the year.  Such an occurrence could create serious trouble for your Alpha, kill eight months worth of momentum, and remove your Alpha from award consideration.  At your next meeting review RM policy and procedure with your Alpha.  Make sure you’re registering all social events.  Remind everyone about their personal duties to drink safely and intelligently, and their responsibility to take care of their Brothers.

2) Finalize finances

Want to know the surest way to never collect late dues?  Let them go on summer vacation.  Right this minute go check in with your #4.  Find out how you can help in getting in all late dues.  One comment I head frequently is “It’s not Brotherly to hound my Brother for money.”  You know what else isn’t Brotherly?  Slacking on an obligation and a commitment you made to your Brotherhood.  Chances are pretty good that if your Alpha is having trouble collecting that there will also be issues with paying bills.  Once again, having accounts receivable with local or national entities can create serious problems for the Alpha.

3) Capture senior knowledge

Your Brotherhood will graduate seniors this year.  Past #1s, #4s, recruitment chairmen, etc, will leave town.  Is their knowledge and expertise leaving with them?  Use the last few weeks of school to capture the wisdom of your most experienced Brothers.  Have an informal “Senior sendoff” meeting where Senior Brothers share their lessons learned from their undergraduate years in Chi Psi.

4) Recruitment, Recruitment, Recruitment.

Have you thought about how you’re going to stay in touch with your best leads over the summer?  Have you thought about how you’re going to strike gold with next summer’s freshmen class?  Now is the time to solidify the framework for recruitment success.  Remember, we do this year round.  Consider the following:

  • Acquire early acceptance list from university. Look for press releases about scholarship recipients.
  • Visit your old high school.  See who is coming to your university that you could reach out to.
  • Get your incoming freshman scholarship in order.  Hopefully your Alumni board funds this, but even if it has to come from the Alpha, plan ahead to set aside $500 or $1000 to help draw in some high-caliber individuals.
  • Sign up for orientation week or move-in helpers or similar opportunities.  Get involved in the things in which the freshmen will be involved.

Take the time to finish the year on a strong note and you will be that much more likely to enter the 2011-2012 school year with positive momentum.


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