Brotherly Grub – Alpha Theta Delta

Forty College men, ages 18 – 22, sitting around the dinning room tables enjoying a meal and each other’s company. This was the scene at Alpha Theta Delta last Thursday at supper time. The brothers at Theta Delta and I were cracking jokes, poking fun, telling stories and stuffing our faces. That night it didn’t matter where the best food in Seattle’s University District was because “Brotherly Grub” was happening at 4600 22nd Ave. However, the best food was at the Lodge… Thanks to “Cheffy” {pronounced. (Chef-e)} .

Alpha Theta Delta’s New Chef, affectionately referred to as “Cheffy”, had prepared a wonderful meal for us. What was on the menu???

Surf and Turf! (Refer to picture to engage you visual deliciousness-o-meter, sorry no scratch-n-sniff smell-o-blog yet but we’re working on it!!)

The meal consisted of some surf, Prawns beer battered and deep fried golden brown as well as bacon wrapped prawns. The Turf was either flank steak or top sirloin (couldn’t really tell but I lean towards flank) cooked medium rare and served sliced. Oh and there was a side of rice and a homemade cocktail sauce.

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach and my plate was bigger than both.

The food, although amazing, only facilitated the real experience. That meal brought 40 young men together, and as I looked around the room with everyone laughing and having a grand ole time I couldn’t help but wonder…

If this meal were to be served to me in a restaurant… would it have been as good?????

I don’t know, but I promise you it wouldn’t have been brotherly grub!

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